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mayo bound

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We've been having a great time on our mini family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells! Our hotel is amazing, it has 8 different waterparks for us to enjoy! I can't wait to post pictures but our internet connection here is painfully slow so I'll wait until we're home.
The 3 of us are headed out to Mayo Clinic tonight after dinner and my appointments and tests start out early tomorrow morning at 6 am. We covet your prayers for safe travels and favorable results. I'll keep you all posted!

PS. tomorrow is the last day to enter to win then New Mom's Prayer Bible on my giveaway page (link is in the sidebar!)

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What I'm loving Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am loving these gorgeous last days of Summer!

I am loving the family vacation we have coming up to Wisconsin Dells!

I am loving Majestic Milky Way Hudsonville Ice Cream!

I am loving my new Bible that you can enter to win on my giveaway blog!!

I am loving Grayden's increasing vocabulary, he says something new everyday and its so much fun! My new favorite is 'pretties' when he points to my jewelry!

I am loving the great day we are having today at the cottage after a visit to the Outdoor Discovery Center this morning!

Hope you all are having a great day!!

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Spectacular Summer Saturday!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I love the last days of summer, trying to pack in the long list of things I wanted to do during the Summer months but was to busy to do earlier on.

This past Saturday we checked two of those things off my list!

The first was a beach day with my friend Nicole, which actually turned into shopping day due to sketchy weather!

We had a blast together having deep conversations over coffee and bagels at Panara Bread and browsing the shops of Downtown Holland!

Thanks for a great afternoon Nicole, we made some great memories I hope I’ll never forget!




After a fun afternoon I went home to the family and we all headed out to a community dinner. There was a petting zoo and old tractors there that Grayden LOVED!







After dinner we went home and waited for our friends to come over for a party we had at our house! We had 5 couples over to play games and after dark we watched a movie outside with a projector aimed at the side of our pole barn! It was a blast!

We played Minute to Win it and each couple got to pick a category and play against each other!

Ryan and Lydia played Sticky Balls!


They had to transfer as many cotton balls as they could in 1 minute  from one bowl to another using only their noses with Vaseline on it!



We went inside for the next game! Eric and Susanne played Defying Gravity.


They had to keep 3 balloons floating in the air for 1 minute!



Mindy and Kyle went next. They played Hanky Panky!


They had 1 minute to empty a whole box of Kleenex using 1 hand!



Phil and Heather went next, they played Mouth to Mouth!


They had 1 minute to pull a playing card out from 2 glass bottles sitting on top of each other mouth to mouth without tipping the bottles over, tricky but Phil succeeded!



Then it was Ryan and Rochelle’s turn! They played Bottoms Up!


Their task  was to tie a pantyhose with a tennis ball in one leg around their waist and spin themselves around to knock 3 empty pop cans off 3 buckets! So funny!



We went last and played Penny  Hose!


We had 1 minute to dig 2 pennies out from the bottom of the legs of pantyhose using only our arms without pulling the legs using your opposite arm!



Then it was time for the movie! We watched the Bounty Hunter!


We had such a good time!

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Fashion Friday~Grayden’s Style!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Many of you have asked me where I shop for Grayden and so I thought I’d do a Fashion Friday post all about his clothes! I really shop all over for him, including lots of garage sales in the summer for play clothes. Some of  my favorites are Old Navy, Gap, and TJMaxx/Marshalls!


here are  some of my favorite outfits of his:

 grayden 1207

garage sale:old navy

grayden 1000

shirt:old navy

shorts:old navy

 grayden 1360

whole outfit old navy (baby gift, thanks sloothaak’s!)

 grayden 1236

garage sale:old navy

 grayden 1353

whole outfit: carters (gift, thanks geerlings!)

 grayden 1409


jeans:old navy

flip flops:old navy

 grayden 1455

shirt and pants:old navy

shoes:children's place

 grayden 711

shirt:garage sale


shoes:children's place

 grayden 671

garage sale:baby Gap


shirt:baby Gap


booties:garage sale (robeez)



sweater:old navy


collared shirt: Yonkers

sweater vest: H&M


collared shirt:old navy

sweater vest:children's place

shoes: pedipeds

 march 2010 011



shirt: babiesRus

shorts:old navy (gift, thanks alyssa and jeremy


tux:gift from his birthmom (JCPenney)


shirt:garage sale Gap

pants Children’s Place


whole outfit TJMaxx (included little croc shoes)


shirt:baby Gap

pants:old navy



whole outfit: Ross

 florida 2010 021

Shirt and Jeans:old navy



shirt: H&M


shirt:old navy

shorts:baby Gap



Shopping for Grayden is always about cheap! I always go straight for the clearance aisles and often buy in the off season for the following year when everything is way cheap! Although I do have to be more careful with that, I tend to overbuy just because its cheap!  I love garage sales and consignment shops! For shopping online I LOVE ebates! Its free to sign up and you get cash back on every online purchase through there site! They send a check to you right in the mail, I just got one last week for $17.00 just for buying things I would have bought anyways!


Oh and Jenn asked what i use to get Grayden’s hair spiky! When he was little I used baby lotion and it worked an smelled great! Now, that he’s older I use just regular gel and hairspray!


Have a great weekend!

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