2nd Annual "Lubbers Hungry Games" Cooking Competition

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Some of you may remember last year Robb and I made up a little cooking competition just for fun, since we both like to cook, and really like a good competition! We had so much fun we decided to make it an annual thing every Fall. 

"May the odds be ever in your flavor"

our guidelines this time was we had to use a recipe from either Tastefully Simple or Wildtree using any of their products we already had in the pantry. 

 Our judges for the night, my parents. Lisa judged for us last year but she came down with pneumonia  so she couldn't come :(
 Next time we'll have all three of them because of course they each voted differently and it ended up being a tie!
We need to work on our presentation/food photography skills, obviously! They both tasted better than they look :) LOL
I made the bacon wrapped pork chops with a pineapple and dijon gaze and Robb made a cheesy chicken pasta dish.

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Texas UTA Convention

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Robb and my dad had a work trip earlier this month in Dallas Texas, and the kiddos and I decided to tag along with them and my mom, and we took Lisa along to help out with the kids while we went to some spouse events and dinner receptions. 

We flew out around 2:00pm on Wednesday November 4, the flight went great, it was so nice to have a direct flight without a layover. That rarely happens for us.

We stayed The Gaylord hotel. It was very nice and enormous! 

 We got settled in for a bit and then made our way to the welcome reception where they had a food buffet and live music. 

The next day we spent some time checking out the hotel, there was so many cool things to check out! We found the pool and Sadler went right in with his clothes on, they couldn't wait another minute to swim! 

My mom and I went to lunch and shopping with some of the other spouses. We went to the Grapevine Mall while the kids stayed back to play with Aunt Lisa.

I found Michael Kors shoes marked down to $35! Not super practical but I couldn't resist :)

When we got back we headed to the convention center to grab something to eat. 

saying hi to Grandpa and Daddy at the Expo! The boys walked around a bit and came home with lots of free "goodies"

loving the hot tub!

breakfast with Grandpa!

Saying goodbye to dad before he went to more meetings!

After breakfast we headed to the SeaLife aquarium, it was just the perfect size for the kids, they all loved it!

This is a terrible picture, me and the sting ray were the only ones ready for a picture, but look how cool that thing is!

The last night they had a Denim and Diamonds Dinner Reception to wrap up the convention.

The next morning (Saturday) we packed up and headed home again. It was a fun little trip! We'd love to go back someday and explore more of Texas with a few less meetings ;)

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Fall Fun

Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall is my favorite time of year, we've had lots of family fun this season!

Trick or treating at the Outdoor Discovery Center "Treats and Trails"

We skipped the pumpkin patch this year and just went to a road side wagon to pick out some pumpkins :)

Carving pumpkins 

Sadler drew a design of "planets" for daddy to carve ;)

she wasn't a fan!

best seed scooper!

On halloween night we went to Robb's cousins house for a family gathering and to trick or treat in their neighborhood. It was the kids' first time trick or treating door to door and won't be their last! They are forever hooked!
We dressed up as "robb"ers :) with our superheros and the flower!

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Happy Halloween

Saturday, October 31, 2015

From our two superheroes, and our precious little flower

Batman Grayden 

Superman Sadler ~Clark Kent edition 

Jovie the flower

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Insta Friday

Friday, October 30, 2015

All dressed and ready for church, she suddenly looks way too old!

Sadler got to take "Hoot," the class pet home for the weekend before being the star helper on Monday. He was a very good owl during church.

We said our final earthly goodbyes to Robb's grandma the Monday after we got home. We find comfort in knowing we will see her again in eternity one day. 

So thankful that Grandma could take Sadler on his field trip to Post Family Farms on his star helper day while we had the funeral for Grandma Brink. 


Loving the beautiful fall view out my window while starting a new book for a book study I'm a part of. 

breakfast with some friends

Thankfully my groom thinks I'm just as beautiful in my dress now as I was 10 years ago, despite the grey hairs and wrinkles (and I'm not talking about the wrinkles on the dress;)

We spent our actual anniversary helping out with crafts during Kids Club, that's real life!

my little cutie with his completed craft!

showing off her new head to toe outfit from Once Upon A Child, I just love shopping consignment for her! Also, she got a little carried away brushing her teeth, hence the wet spot on her jeans!

Another great check up at the doctor! I'm not normally a highly emotional person, but after sitting in the waiting room with several very sick patients (one who was physically getting ill) I totally broke down in front of my dr, and his new PA (great first impression!) I was so disappointed in myself for crying at first, but then realized it was good for my dr to see that I'm a real person, not just file L143 like I'm usually treated as, and this does affect me, probably more than I ever let on to. 

good thing we have lots of time to practice her mascara application technique! 

Our nature loving' lad had a great time on his first field trip on 1st grade at the Outdoor Discovery Center!

first time at the new Trader Joe's the mini carts were cute, yet quite disastrous for us, we were in and out as quick as we could :)

Dressed and ready to cheer on U of M for the big game against State.  I really have no interest in football, but thought I would dress them up like the rest of my Facebook friends were all doing that Saturday! 

Jovie got into my mascara, again!

Keeping entertained by these girls during an anniversary celebration for Robb's Aunt and Uncle while everyone watched the big game!

sunday morning sweetness

practicing smiles for our family pictures Sunday afternoon!

completely deflated tire at Target, hubby to the rescue! 

whipping up some cajun sausage soup on a cold day

sweet sadler was excited to make applesauce in preschool 

This candle is amazing! Target but it seems they are sold out :(

Rise and shine and give God the glory! I had a hard time getting back into the household duties rhythm after our trip! I was so lazy and unmotivated to do anything! I prayed that God would help me spend my day in a way that would honor Him, even in the little things, like folding laundry and picking up Cheerios. "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord" 
Colossians 3:23

this girl loves green monster smoothies! 

she's so full of personality lately, I just love this stage with her, a little bit sassy and a lot sweet!

I heard it was Bus Driver Appreciation week last week, and boy, do I ever appreciate her! I hope she liked this small token of our thanks for all she does!

Gray pointed out the beautiful trees on the way to the bus stop one morning! Picture worthy indeed!

A Friday morning when Sadler didn't have school, and I didn't have to run around like crazy getting everyone out the door called for coffee and a book on the couch

soccer spectator 

Gray and the soccer star, Makenna!

finger licking good!

picnic and the park with our friend Owen after school on monday. 

sleepy snuggles with sweet sister

Great report at conferences for Grayden Monday night

trying to keep the littles busy on a long Tuesday afternoon 

Grayden's been working so hard to reach the classroom's goal of 30 smileys on their Xtra Math computer program and he whooped it with 35 at home wednesday night! SO proud of him!

took the troop to Catch Air for some fun with cousins on Thursday as a fun way to kick off Grayden's Fall Break

He's so stinking cute with her, he told me over breakfast at Panera Bread today, "she's doing so good! See, she's not even whining, she must have had a good nights sleep!" He acts like he's 25 sometimes and I just adore him!

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