Friday Photo Dump

Friday, February 17, 2017

My friend Trisha and I have been doing a daily Bible study with SheReadsTruth each day, and checking in with each other over text for accountabilitly. We did a study on John, and one of Biblical hospitality, I've been loving it!

Last day of soccer camp 

Gamin' boys; we had the boys' friend, Weston, over to play one Saturday after basketball camp, and his whole family came later that night to join us for pizza. We love our time with the Meiste crew!

Jovie doing what Jovie does best...wathcing "babies" on the iPad!

Apparently, I went with a green theme at the grocery store one day! Ha!

I drug Jovie along for a family/business meeeting and she did SO well. What a trooper!

I had another great weekend at IF:Local; awesome speakers, powerful praise and worship, and sweet fellowship with some of my favorite ladies!

 Robb took the boys to bingo night at school while I was at IF. They had a great time!

I'm not sure my dad would appreciate this picture posted here, but I just love this selfie he took while he and Jovie were on a date at McDonalds so that Robb could take the boys to Bingo night! It takes a village some days :)

snowmobiling fun

we haven't had much snow so far this Winter, so we've enjoyed it while we can 

tiny dancer all ready for ballet class

I was supposed to have a check up at the nephrologist last week but they called at 9:00 at said they were already running late, and offered me the chance to reschedule. So I took them up on that, and instead I had a lunch date with my favorite man! 

I was feeling some major mom guilt about being gone (again!) last weekend. But, the adoption process doesn't end with some signatures on documents, or court dates; it's a lifelong journey, and that weekend I gained so much knowledge and encouragement from fellow adoptive moms at the Woven retreat. Such a valuable gift!

All dressed for Cadet Sunday! 

The 100th day of school! The boys dressed up 100 year old men, cutest old men I ever did see!

I caught this sweet kodak moment of Robb combing Jovie's hair after her shower. Precious!

We had the first sick day of the school year for Grayden on Monday. He caught up on a lot of sleep and was better the next day.

Sweet love on Valentines day

a yummy post workout smoothie.

She asked me to take a picture of her cake pop- she takes after her momma and already has an appreciation of pretty food :)

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Robb's 33rd Birthday!

Monday, January 30, 2017

My love turned 33 last Sunday, January 22!
And it also marked 12 years since we got engaged! Woah!

To celebrate his special day I made a roast with carrots and potatoes with the fixings (a family favorite!) to enjoy after church. And of course, cake! He requested marble cake with vanilla frosting, and I have to say it turned out pretty good, coming from the cake snob herself! ;)

We had a relaxing day at home, playing wii until way too late at night! :)
There were so many grand things we could have done to celebrate him the way he deserves, but he's such a good, down to earth guy he enjoyed just being together! Love him!

On Thursday night we went to FireRock Grille to celebrate his and Lisa's birthdays with my parents and the kiddos. 

And last night we got together with his family to celebrate. 

Happy Birthday Babe!

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Friday Photo Dump

Friday, January 27, 2017

Fun with friends at the GR Museum over Christmas break, good friends can make anything fun!

We met up with the Haight's for open gym one day during Christmas break, they all had so much fun!

Sweet boy made me tea! Love his servants heart!

Sadler went to a birthday party for a friend over Christmas break, I spotted him playing laser tag when I went to pick him up. It's so fun to watch your kids when they don't know you're watching, isn't it?!?

We saw "Moana" with cousins on New Years Day!

meal prepping for my book club girls who came over for a Christmas party/book discussion. 

 I love this pic Robb took of our noses in our books! :)

Her first ballet class!

she loved the mirror ;)

Sadler at soccer camp, he is in his glory! 

Sunday afternoon entertainment courtesy of the deer in the back yard...seeing them just never gets old!

She mimics my every move but won't take my advice on outfit choices :)

We surprised the kids with a mini snowmobile, their reaction to the helmets alone was worth it!

now we just need more snow!

doing some tricep dips, with cheetos on stand by! ha!

We spent 2.5 hours at the car dealership getting an oil change that lead into a new brake job, Jovie just made herself at home there!

bald eagle sighting!

a little spring in her step on a dreary January day!

Gray at Basketball camp!

Our friends throw a themed dress-up party every year, this year the theme was 'sports". We dressed up as a referee and basketball player, in case that wasn't obvious :) Seeing everyones outfits is one of the best parts!

Such a fun night (especially when you win the game, lol) as always!

Spinach was on sale for 69 cents, so I had to stock up and find a new way to use it up quickly! I made spinach-banana muffins, and although they may not look it, they were a yummy! Recipe here 

Jovie wanted to have a Pilates class, so we invited Grandma R over for a workout! 

Such a good momma!

sweet Sadler had "homework" for the first time in Kindergarten and did it within the first 5 minutes of being home! Bless him! 
The boys had a day off school today for "Records Day" so we all stopped in at K&R to eat lunch with Robb while I had my phone info transferred to a new one. Grayden wanted to stay behind and help Lisa with some jobs. His day was made!

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