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Anonymous said...

maybe 2 summers ago you posting a 100 things to do over summer list / chart ... do you still have that?

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

I think this is what you mean Summer List, it's not quite 100 things but hope it helps! I'd love to do that again this year!

*pick berries
*feed ducks
*Fillmore park
*outdoor discovery center
*kollen’s park
*timber town
*Lawrence st. park
*farmer’s market/ market kid’s activities
*whitecaps game
*downtown fountain
*coast guard festival (July 27-August 5)
*hot air balloon show (June 30, July 1)
*truck parade (labor day)
*memorial day parade
*have picnic
*water bed (Pinterest)
*run through sprinklers
*fly kite
*sidewalk chalk
*go garage sale-ing
*Meijer gardens
*library programs
*lemonade stand
*downtown street performers (thursday nights)
*play tennis
*go to cottage
*swimming lessons
*pool time
*bike ride
*mini golf
*water table
*little pool
*sand box/swing set
*hike trails