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{Mother's Day 2017}

Monday, May 22, 2017

So grateful to have these 3 blessings celebrate me on Mother's Day. Worthy are you, Lord! 
For me, Mother's Day is a day of joy and sting intertwined, and I recognize the same to be true for many others. I was praying for those of you who may have been hurting and grieving as well, whether from the loss of a child, infertility, loss of a mother, a broken relationship, whatever the case may be, know you were prayed for. 💞
"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you." Isaiah 66:13

 We had a great day, starting off with church. We celebrated with my mom with lunch by my parents, made by the guys!

We celebrated Robb's mom in the evening with dinner made by the guys!

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Grayden Robert, you are 8 years old!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Grayden! How are you 8 already?

We've loved watching you grow and mature into the caring, kind and loving boy you are!

 You love school, especially math, and have lots of great friends!

You are a people-pleaser; you love to be verbally affirmed, and hate to disappoint anyone. 

You're faith and love for Jesus is huge! You love to pray, and are quick to suggest that we pray for things before it even comes to my mind! You make me so proud!

You are a great (but slooow!!) eater; you love things like quinoa, kale, shrimp, omelettes and broccoli, and you can't get enough candy!

You are outgoing, and great at making new friends! I love how kind and friendly you are to everyone! You always make a point to stop and say hi, calling them by name, when you see someone you know!

You are an amazing artist, you love all sports, you've only lost 2 teeth so far, and you love life!

We love you Grayden! So thankful we get to call you our son!

Happy 8th Birthday, Cool Dude!

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Grayden's 8th Birthday!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Grayden turned 8 last Friday!
He was eager to remind us that he's half way to driving! Ahh!

He started his day with a cinnamon roll "cake"

I drove them to school, which is always a special treat compared to riding the bus ;)

After school he was a busy guy with lots of phone calls wishing him a happy birthday!

When Robb got home from work we dropped the littles off my Grandpa L and took Gray out for a special birthday dinner to his favorite, Kobe Grill. 

He picked out a yo-yo at the Dollar Tree, and for dessert requested a smoothie from McD's. Simple pleasures :)

He had a great day, and we loved celebrating him!

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{CF Walk}

Thursday, May 11, 2017

This is our friend Elliot! Elliot was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a life-threatening, genetic disease of which there is no cure, but we are hoping to change that by raising money and awareness at the Great Strides CF Walk in a couple weeks! 
To sponsor us follow this link 

Thank you!

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Grayden & Sadler's DINO-mite Birthday Bash

Thursday, May 4, 2017

 We had a DINO-mite time celebrating our dinosaur loving dudes on Saturday!

This was the invite they helped pick out:

For food we served burgers and dino chicken nuggets, quinoa salad, sweet potato fries, bugles (dinosaur toes) applesauce, deviled eggs, and fruit salad. 

the grill masters

it's rough being 3, and the only sibling not getting presents!

The cake:

The boys received many wonderful gifts like these kayaks made into a dinosaur thanks to Grandma L creativity, a basketball hoop, legos, books, dinosaur figurines, bouncy ball making kit, a week at nature camp, games, pool toys, and more!

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{Friday Photo Dump}

Friday, April 28, 2017

Loved watching my dad cash in his birthday gift and drive a Porsche 911 GT3 (like I know what that means, ha!😬) around a race track!

This was the first meal I made post-cruise, I assumed it would pale in comparison to the meals we had on board, but it was so tasty!

I had a great time (and yummy lunch) with my mom and sisters at the Spring Fashion and Gift Show last weekend. Thanks Jean Marie's, Home and Company, and Tip Toes for a fun event!

I thought this salad was so pretty, sadly it wasn't as tasty as I hoped it would be. 

Jovie and I made muffins one morning, thankfully mine turned out better than hers! :)

Headed out to a trunk show (I did put my seatbelt on!) with my super star Hostess, Val.
Together we created a marketplace for this beautiful handmade jewelry that provides the Artisans with sustainable income and dignified jobs! It's an honor to be a part of this amazing company!

I heard them call "foul" on each other about 10 times, but we all still enjoyed a half day off school, and playing with an early birthday gift on a good, Good Friday

Yes, I devoted hours of my life watching April the giraffe give birth! It was a pretty cool thing to witness! 

Manicures by Jovie!

I sat outside reading for an hour during Jovie's nap, when I came back in she was just sitting there at the counter waiting. I have no idea how long she sat there, but apparently I overestimated her nap time!

One of these things just doesn't belong!

A yummy Teriyaki Chicken salad made the perfect dinner before I had to head out to a trunk show!

We had a pest guy come, and shockingly Jovie was super into helping him!

We've had perfect soup weather lately, I couldn't get enough of this Tumeric Roasted Sweet Potato and Macadamia Soup

My Hostess, (and Robb's Aunt) Shelley had the most beautiful (and tasty!) food display at her trunk show!

Fast asleep with her hand in the veggie straw bag! 

Baseball season is underway!

We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the Outdoor Discovery Center! 

Days like that are good for the soul!

Fun with our friend Molly and the Hall Park

This is the sweetest book! I may have a soft spot for faith based children's books, (especially ones with racial diversity!) but this one is a must own! 
"Cause when God made you and the world oohed and aahed, in heaven they called you an image of God"

She said "look! I made a sea turtle!" 

Eat the rainbow, this edamame salad is delicious! 

I'm not exactly sure how, but for awhile now the kids have been talking about kumquats, and laughing whenever they say it! So when I saw them at the store I thought it was about time for them to try one! They are tangy and sweet!

Grandpa's helper!

*I realize now after proof-reading this how much I post about food! Ha!*

Have a great weekend friends!

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