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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am a sucker for all things baby! I want to get my hands on anything that would make my/Grayden's life easier or cuter! Here are some of our favorite products we've tried!

~the Wet Happened? wet bag. A saw a friend of mine pull one out of her diaper bag a few times when we were together and after she told me about it I had to have one! I ordered one up and it came the next day! They used to be sold at Target, which makes it even cooler I think! I love this bag! I carry it in my diaper bag all the time now! It's perfect for separating wet burp cloths, soiled clothes etc from the rest of your stuff in your bag. I have even used it for wet swimsuits in our overnight bag when we head home from the lake. One of my favorite things about the bag is that its machine washable so I can just throw the whole thing in the washing machine once we get home and its ready to re-use again! I love this thing!

~ the Hotsling. I have 2! I love wearing Grayden and he loves to be worn! The thing I like about the Hotsling is that its so easy to put on and use, no snaps, ties or rings, its just on continual piece of fabric. It works great around the house and while shopping in close quartered stores where there is no room to push a stroller around and if you have no muscles (like me) the infant car seat gets SO heavy after awhile! Grayden loves to be held so this makes life so much easier!

~a "lovey". this is a must have for Grayden! He got it as a gift and loves it! I'm not sure what it is about this taggie blanket but he just loves to hold on to the tags and have the soft fabric near his face its so cute how it calms him right down if he's crying! You can get one just like it for your babies here.

~Moby Wrap. I just bought a Moby Wrap recently and already love it! There is a little more work involved to put it on but its feels more secure and is so versatile I can wear Grayden in lots of different holds. When I put him in it for the first time he was out like a light within minutes of putting him in it! He loves to be close to me and snuggle. I only wish I had one sooner!

~Miracle Blanket! This is a must for any new mom! We got two of these shortly after Grayden was born and from that day on he has slept like a champ and has NEVER broken out of his swaddle!

~Happiest Baby on the Block! Oh my goodness I can not say enough about this book/DVD. It teaches you about a baby's natural calming reflex and how to trigger it, we use all the techniques on Grayden and feel that its a huge part of why he is such a happy baby and can be soothed so well!

~BabyLegs! I'm too embarrassed to tell you how many pairs of babylegs I've collected since ever before Grayden existed but I just love them! Personally I think they are adorable but that's not the only reason we love them! They make diaper changes so much easier and there is always a pair of these and a onesie in my diaper bag in case of any diaper leaks that require a change of clothes, this takes up way less room in my bag than an entire extra outfit would. As Grayden gets older and learns to crawl (oh my!) it will save his knees from getting rug burns on the carpet as well!

~AngelCare Monitor! If there was one thing I could suggest to parents it would be this monitor! It's a sensor pad that you put under the crib mattress and if the sensor doesn't detect movement after 20 seconds an alarm beeps! It also acts as a regular sound monitor as well as the movement monitor! Robb and I sleep so much better at night knowing we can count on this monitor to let us know if anything was wrong with Grayden's breathing during the night

~Summer Infant Handheld Video Monitor~ Love Love Love this monitor as well! We use the cords to attach the monitor to our small TV we have in out bedroom and love to be able to see Grayden as he sleeps and if he cries we can just look at the screen to see if he spit out his paci or what the deal is. The handheld monitor is also battery powered and has a range up to 300 yards so we can still see Grayden in his crib no matter where we are in the house or outside! It even has night vision! Love it!

So what are/were your favorite baby products? Or baby products you'd like to try sometime?

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21 Responses to “ baby products we LOVE ”

josh and annie said...

Hey we LOVE the Moby and AngelCare monitor as well! I have been wanting to try the BabyLegs because they are SO CUTE!

Julie said...

I have an 8 month old and my carrier of choice is my ergo baby carrier. It is WONDERFUL! I tried the wraps and the slings and Carson just didn't like them at all. And I completely second your recommendation on the miracle blanket. I was sad when we couldn't use it for my son anymore because he slept so much better in it.

Hoping for a Miracle~~ said...

We LOVE the miracle blanket too!!! My son has used it from day 1 and has to be swaddled to sleep - however his now getting too long for it and is starting to kick his legs out of it and in the mornings I find a knee or sometimes a whole leg out of the blanket...he is a mover so I just know its a matter of time before he is out of this and our nightmare begins on how to get him to sleep unswaddled!!!!

designHER Momma said...

I'm so glad you're getting into babywearing - I'm an addict! If you love the Moby and Slings, you might want to look into getting a Mei Tei wrap when he gets a bit bigger. My fav - the BabyHawk!

Holly said...

I love my cloth dipes and I had a custom wrap made that is just awesome! I loved my boppy. It made BFing much easier on my back. When I went back to work I liked using my Evenflo glass bottles. Classic!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Angel Monitor! It has provided many restful nights on our part. Love the other suggestions! I'm gonna look into the baby leggins.

Krista said...

Perfect timing on this post! I just saw that Tip Toes got Moby wraps so I might just have to go down there and add one to my registry! Thanks for the advice.

Bethany said...

I love reading what other people love! I may have to try a few of these things! We LOVE Petunias Icky Bags (wet bags). She's located in Hudsonville and sells on etsy at . She makes awesome bags...we own a bunch!

We LOVE Baby Legs too...Johanna wears them all the time and got the longer ones for Abby to try this year!

phgeerlings said...

along with the WetHappened? bag, one item that we just started to use and LOVE is the MeToo Chair by Phil&Teds! It's so much smaller than the typical highchair and it's great for travel!

K. said...

I couldn't have lived w/o my Hotsling for the first 3 months Avery was here. Now she prefers the Bjorn, but that Hotsling was truly a lifesaver--and we have the same one (the black and turquoise). :) We also have the Summer digital video monitor, and esp. once she started moving around, and pulling up in her crib--it was a lifesaver. Now I'd never want to be without it. I also could've never showered w/o her bouncy seat, so now I always make sure that's on people's registries! :)

Claire's World said...

I don't think we could live without the baby video monitor!!! It has been such a huge blessing and gives me peace of mind. I recommend when he gets old the Baby Einstein baby sign video - our Claire has learned so much from this video and it taught us the correct way to sign to her :)

MiniMe Mom said...

Thank you so much for the glowing review. I am so glad the Wet Happened? wet bag is a go-to product for you! That is awesome.

I have a ton of babylegs for Bryce, too. When I get a new shipment, I automatically set aside a few for myself first LOL. Your looks so adorable in them.

I also love his onesie collection. Great sayings.

I have lots of favorite baby products, but I could not live without my nursing coverup. If you are breastfeeding, it will become a well-loved item for public feedings.

Thanks again~

Jamie, MiniMe BabyGear
(located in Kentwood:-)

G & H said...

so glad you mentioned the angel care because i have been going back and forth about it being worth it or if it works or what but i am so glad you reviewed it positively!

Val said...

This was a super fun post! If we ever have a third...can I just borrow your stuff?? Just kidding, but I am sure I will have to check this stuff out!!

Pamela said...

We are total BabyLegs addicts, too. Other baby items I love: my cloth diapers, the bumbo, my woven wrap (not as stretchy as a moby, better for heavier babies), and my podegi. It's like a mei tai, but with one pair of straps, not two. I often wear my 5 mo in the woven wrap and my 2.5 yo in the podegi at the same handy for shopping trips!

edmo said...

My favorites out of your favorites: the video monitor - I love it but we've never thought to hook it up to our TV, the Miracle Blanket which totally kept our baby bundled, the Happiest Baby DVD immediately worked and I've loaned it to everyone, and the sling.

Roxanne said...

Wow we own about half of these products. I love baby wearing but recently found the love for woven wraps like a didymos over a moby wrap because I found it stretching to fast for my comfort . I would also want to mention wraps, slings, loveys and miracle blankets can all be found on sights like etsy that great moms make .


Anonymous said...

Awesome info, thanks for sharing! I much rather get suggestions from someone with personal experience than reading it from a book.

Angry Julie Monday said...

I used a lot of those things when my son was a baby. I like that wet bag idea. My cousin is about to have her baby and that will be a great gift. I already have 3 sets of babylegs for her!

Kristy ~ said...

Just a tidbit of advice, if Grayden really takes to his lovey, buy another one - the exact same one. Our first son has a lovey, a little blanket he has to have everywhere with him. Wouldn't you know, we can't find it anywhere. We have looked for a year for this darn blanket and nothing. Trust me, you need another one...they get dirty, get lost (even momentarily) then what? We have to sneak K's away when he is sleeping for a quick wash, ha.

Love the wet bag kids are a bit older, but something like this would still come in handy.

Thanks for sharing all your finds!!

sarah m said...

I love this post...thanks so much for sharing!! We are in the process of adopting a newborn, and I get overwhelmed when looking at all the baby gear. Your feedback answered some of the things I wondered about with products we're considering. Thanks for sharing! :)