Happy Birthday Mindy

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tuesday was Mindy's 22nd birthday. To celebrate our family went to Craigs Cruisers to eat there yummy buffet and have a 'friendly' (meaning- I am surprised we didn't get thrown out!) competition on the go carts!

as you can see I am in the lead here in the blue car! With Kyle in the red car, Mindy in the yellow and Robb way back there in the left green and my dad was spun out at this point I believe! Lisa was on Grayden duty and my mom was the photographer!

Mindy, I hope you had a great birthday and I am so thankful that God blessed our family by adding you as a part of our family 22 years ago! He knew the day you were born that you would have a special part of my life and others too!

now stop crying!!! ;) just kidding! love ya!

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8 Responses to “ Happy Birthday Mindy ”

Mindy Roelofs said...

You know me too well that I would cry don't you!!

Kate said...

yup! i guess i do! :)

Jennifer said...

Craig Cruiser's is awesome!!!

Jaclyn said...

Happy Birthday Mindy! Wow, I must say, there is no doubt that you two are sisters!!! Are you sure you guys aren't twins?

Kate said...

its true! we had a blast~

Kate said...

well if we are then i missed out on some cake and presents...ya all owe me! ;)

janerietman said...

It was lots of fun! Now you have me crying my eyes out.


Kate said...

i thought about writing "no crying mom" too but i didnt know if it would embarras you!