Fashion Friday

Friday, April 23, 2010

Today's edition of Fashion Friday is featuring a few of my favorite finds from TJMaxx!

I love this long sleeve burnout tee, the color is so fun and its unlike anything else in my closet. It was $12.99 last Fall.I've had this scarf for awhile but I often wear scarves to dress up a plain white tee when I'm in a hurry and don't have time to fuss over my outfit. I love the multi shades of green! This was on clearence for $5.00!

I love this cardigan so much that I bought one in pink too! Its really light weight and perfect for Spring! $12.99

I was on a mision one day to find some longer tunic style tops to wear with my black skinny jeans and leggings to cover up my backside a little more and came home with the the next two tops. The gray one was $12.99 and the pink one was $14.99

Next week's Fashion Friday will be....shoe edition...mine and Grayden's! I'm so excited!

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21 Responses to “ Fashion Friday ”

Jessica said...

Can't wait... the question is, who has more shoes, you or Grayden? :)

Kate said...

haha! that would be ME! but Grayden does have about twice as many as robb, thats pretty sad! lol!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE TJ Maxx, and Marshall's. (Same store, not sure why they have both but oh well.) Do you have Home Goods by you? It is owned by them, but is all housewares.
My Marshall's purchase today was a great, green aligator (immitation) purse! After a yukky week, it really perked me up!

Kates said...


What kind of camera do you use? I am thinking about a new one and yours takes great shots.

Megan's favorite store is the TJ!!!

Love from WI,


Kate said...

beth, we dont have a homegoods, but there is one close to mayo clinic that we always hit up when we're it!!

kate, my camera is a canon power shot s3is/ its a little more high tech than your average point and shoot but not as much as a SLR.

Mands said...

Whoa! How'd you tie your scarf like that? Can you do a pic-torial?

Kate said...

oh goodness, that sounds a little out of my league, i'll give it a try!

carley said...

oooh i love fashion friday! katie you have such a fun style. can't wait for shoe edition... my weakness!!

p.s. i'd looove to see how you tied your scarf like that as well... super cute!!!

Mateya said...

Oh I love the pink top with the cute! We have a TJMaxx but it never has anything good!

Jeannie said...

Love those tunic shirts! So cute! I can't wait for next week...I have a bit of a baby shoe obsession!

RN Mama said...

Love the longer tunic tops! How come I can't ever find anything at TJMaxx or Marshalls:(

phgeerlings said...

so - how often do you shop these stores...i never seem to hit them right for some reason, or maybe i just don't go often enough!

lol, you make me want to be more fashionable :D !

Kate said...

its completely hit or miss..i go a lot! when i'm out in g-ville i go to marshalls and when i'm at old navy i go to tjmaxxx, everytime. i get some of grayden's stuff there too, that will be another f.f edition!
heather you are fashionable, never have i known someone with as cute of shoes as you :)

Lori said...

Love, love, love your fashion fridays!!

I love cardigans right now too!!

anneburau said...

You have the cutest outfits!

Devin said...

LOVE that first top, and the last one! You look so cute!

Sarah said...

I'm enjoying your Fashion Fridays...keep it up! I'd also like to know how you tied your scarf..mine never look that good! Also, do you find your accessories at TJ's? Very cute!

Life and Adoption! said...

TJ Maxx is my fave store! You found some cute stuff! Sometimes you never know, I can find 10 things and then the next time, find nothing!

Holly said...

I loooove that first shirt!!

Kate said...

i never have much luck with accessories at thj's...most of my jewelry comes from clearence sections, i like differnt, unique jewelry, i have the best luck at Kohl's, Target, Charlotte Russe, and Forever 21!

Susanna said...

Fun fact for you...TJMaxx is called TK Maxx here in England! I have no idea why they changed just that one letter...but you can still find the cute stuff and that's what matters.

I'm originally from Texas but have lived in England for the past 14years. I stumbled across your blog well over a year and a half ago. I have enjoyed reading about your journey. I myself was adopted when I was a baby so your story struck a chord with me. And I also had a preemie baby. My first son came at 32wks with no real explanation but he is now 5yrs old and doing fine. It was so hard to go through all the weeks in the hospital with him so I can't imagine the heartache you have had with the loss of your first son.

But I'm so thankful the Lord placed Grayden in your family and made something sweet out of all your suffering.

Lots of love in Him,
Susanna - London, UK