growing up before my very eyes

Thursday, October 7, 2010

so you know its happening fast when you see your child all day, everyday and still realize how fast they are growing up!
One of the biggest changes we've noticed lately is his vocabulary and understanding of our words. I've started writing them down just for my own knowledge *and maybe a little to show off how proud we are :)*
-pacey(the dog)
-turtle (my current fave!)
-whats that
-i don't know
-all gone
-elmo ( I can't stand that red, furry puppet and never thought i would let my child watch him but alas i do. things change when you have a cutie asking for "elmo peas" and pointing to the tv or computer! how could i say "no" :)
-puc (cup)
-how are you?
-monk (monkey)
-nucks( knuckles, fist bumping)

I think that's about it, he can say tons more if we ask him to, but these are the words he knows and uses in context.

He also knows all the animal noises and truck tractor noises so anytime we're driving down the country roads and we see a sheep or cow or horse he'll start baa-ing, neigh-ing or moo-ing and anytime we see a big tractor or truck he'll start bvroom-ing! He's known these for a couple months already but now he's recognizing them himself and knows the noise that goes along with it without us asking!
I'm so proud of him!

ETA: For those of you who've asked, Grayden has always picked up on things really quickly, from when he pulled himself up to stand at 5.5 months, started walking behind push toys at 7 months and to knowing all the motions to patty-cake at 8 months. We don't work with him much, I think he's just super observant and is eager to learn. I'm not sure how much of his intelligence is genetic but I certainly know he didn't get his smartness from me :)
While we are certainly proud of him, what he can and can't do doesn't matter at all to us, the important thing is that he's healthy. What really matters is how he will use his gifts to glorify our Lord!

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6 Responses to “ growing up before my very eyes ”

Brandi said...

Oh gosh, I love that he can say nucks.

Daddy's Dream ~Mommy's Miracle said...

Very cute! I keep wondering how on earth will cayden know all that in a few short months...I have a lot of teaching to do!!! Did you actually sit and teach him these things, or does it come with time??

Mindy Roelofs said...

What a smart little nephew I have!
Kyle cracked up at the pacey barking part and Grayden saying pacey and shaking his head no no! Cute!

jenni said...

Oh my goodness. The cuteness of your little man is almost too much to bare.

Kelly K. said...

Wow he is so vocal! My daughter is only a month younger and hardly says anything at all. I try and teach her...ask her what noise animals make, what is this or that...but she just keeps babbling in her own little language. I know she knows what words mean because if I ask her to do things she will, but she just refuses to say them herself. How did you teach him all of this? Or does he just pick this stuff up really quickly?

Kate said...

thanks for your comments girls, i added a little info at the bottom of the post to answer your questions a little!