But he was STILL hungry

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

out little man is quite the eater. i thought it would be a good idea for the sake of my memory to document what he eats in a days time!
For breakfast at 8:30 he had a waffle, a little orange and 2 slices of turkey bacon and milk


but he was still hungry

at 10:30 he had some pretzels


but he was still hungry

at 12:00 he had lunch, a hot dog, some kidney beans and carrots and dip with water to drink



but he was still hungry

after he his nap he had another snack, some yogurt


but he was still hungry

we went to church for dinner and Grayden had meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn!

but he was still hungry

he went to grandma and grandpas house after dinner so we could go to class and he had string cheese and crackers there!

but he was still hungry

he had milk before bedtime!

What a little piggie!

I’d love any ideas anyone has on what to feed our little bottomless pit! I don’t think he ever gets full :)

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8 Responses to “ But he was STILL hungry ”

Shanelle Leigh said...

I have one like that! He is 5 now, but he has always been that way. We just had to keep healthy snacks in the cabinets and refrigerator. We did exactly what you are doing. Now, he loves beef jerky, different veggies, and likes to try just about anything! I am dreading when he becomes a teenager...I won't be able to afford our grocery bill!

Jody said...

Mine is the same way! He has a similar diet, but also LOVES cheese and bread. I'm convinced he could live off those alone.

These boys will eat us out of house and home in their teens! :)

Amanda said...

I always keep some GoGo Sqeez Applesauce in the diaper bag and some freeze-dried fruit. I'm in love with this applesauce. He's always sad when it's gone. My favorite thing is that the only ingredients are apples and apple juice concentrate.

cara's creations said...

Just wait until he gets older and you can't keep food in the house. I had a padlock on my fridge last summer to keep the boys from eating me out of the house. I'm just thankful though that they love healthy foods as well as the junk food so I can put carrots and dip or fruit in front of them and they will eat that faster than a cookie or chip...that's why each year my garden gets bigger and bigger. :)

phgeerlings said...

lol, wishing we had this problem somedays! I don't think kenzie would touch half of those items!

Katie P said...

I have the same problems with my children, so you are definitely not alone. We just get done with dinner and they are both looking for something to eat. Luckily, they like the healthy stuff also. Our doctor recommended high protein snacks. It's messy, but instead of pretzels (sometimes, cuz sometimes pretzels are just good) we do saltines with peanut butter. The protein keeps them full longer and it really does work!

bluewhitelife said...

Grayden eats pretty healthy, though, so that's awesome! I know pretty much nothing about child development, but my child development textbook says that kids Grayden's age are in the middle of a super growth spurt, so it's pretty normal for him to eat you out of house and home (just wait till he's a teenager!) :)

I personally am craving string cheese now :)

Allie said...

This post made me feel relieved. My little guy always seems to be ready to eat. He's not as old as your cutie, but I swear he could sit in his high chair and continue to mow down everything I give him. Glad to know someone else has a "little piggie" on their hands. We call Bryson the same thing! :)