Sadler Graham, you are 4 months old!

Monday, August 22, 2011

you eat 30-35oz a day.
you wear 3-6 months clothes.
you go to the pediatrician next week but I’m guessing you weigh around 15lbs! you’ve chunked up these past few weeks!
you started giggling a few weeks ago, its the cutest thing EVER!

your nap schedule is unpredictable, we just never know what the day will bring! but you sleep great at night!
you LOVE your big brother, you look around the room to find him when you hear his voice and constantly stare and smile at him!
you started playing in your exersaucer this month! you like it for short periods of time.
you’ve become fascinated with the TV, you love to watch Little Einstein's with Grayden on mommy’s computer
you always have your hands in your mouth!
you love to sit up, and look at the world around you!
but you do love to be held!
we still swaddle you at bedtime, we tried going without it for a few nights but it didn’t go so well ;)
you went on your first trip to the zoo last week!
you LOVE to be outside, if you’re fussy we just take you outside and you calm right down.

we love you bunches boo!
~mommy and daddy

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10 Responses to “ Sadler Graham, you are 4 months old! ”

ashley said...

mr. sadler just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!! :)

A Southern Love said...

Oh he is just too cute!! Both of your boys are just precious!! :)

Emily said...

He is precious. Seriously too cute!

Marcie said...

He is so cute! Love the picture of you 2 together, makes me so excited, I can't wait to snuggle!!

Jayme said...

He is growing up so fast! Love that Tea outfit, Drew has the same one :)

We went to our 4 month today. He's big. 19 pounds big!

See ya Wednesday!

Mindy Roelofs said...

Can he be any cuter!?!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4 months Sadler!!! You are so precious!!! Love you Lots!

Grandma R.

Rachel C said...

seriously - SO cute!!
that video made me laugh.

TanaLee Davis said...

Hip hip to four months going strong! Sweet photos....glad to finally see that face of his!

Jennyc said...

That is so cute at that age when they starting laughing and still just don't know what to do with the giggle yet. There is nothing better then a baby's laugh. Your children are so adorable. :-)