{September Photo Challenge} Bad Habit

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Robb’s biggest pet peeve is when I leave dirty dishes in the sink instead of putting them in the dishwasher!
Such a bad habit!


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5 Responses to “ {September Photo Challenge} Bad Habit ”

Whitney @ Keeping up with Kynlee said...

We're the opposite. My hubby is the one who usually leaves dishes in the sink and it drives me nuts! :)

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

My husband leaves stuff in the sink all the time! But, I feel like I can't complain too much because he does all the kitchen clean-up after meals.

Lori said...

i do the same thing! Then every morning while the babe plays I clean house! LOL!

Charlee said...

I'm guilty of this and it drives my hubs crazy too! He tells me frequently that I'm getting a chore chart w/ stickers for this task! Haha!

Ryan V. said...

That's funny...that's MY biggest pet peeve of my husband! The dishwasher is 4 inches away from the sink! haha :)