sadler’s kidney

Monday, March 12, 2012

you may recall back in july we had some testing done on sadler and found out he has hydronephrosis. I brought him back for a check up this past Thursday to see if the fluid on his kidney had gotten better, worse, or stayed the same.

We headed to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital for a kidney ultrasound, he did great! And then we met with the urologist to go over the results. To our delight the fluid is gone and he was discharged as a patient there!


I was feeling grateful for such good news but there was something in me that felt uneasy upon hearing this news.

That day Sadler got great news but so many other kids had received bad news. We walked past a ‘pediatric dialysis’ unit and my heart sank, there shouldn’t even be such a place…its an oxymoron, really. When I was on dialysis I was the youngest person there by about 40 years, dialysis is typically for ‘wiser’ (gotta be careful what i say here!) people and to think of children on it made me want to puke. I was on the brink of tears the whole time we were at the Children’s Hospital, its such a sad place, it’s a beautiful and wonderful facility but so full of sickness and sadness. Everywhere you look there’s a sick kid or a heartbroken parent. I just can’t imagine having a seriously ill child. My heart and prayers go out to them.

I don’t know how or why God chooses to allow people to go through certain trails and spare them from others.  I don’t know why he chose health struggles for me and the loss of a child, I don’t know why He chose for you to lose your spouse, or watch your child suffer through cancer, or experience your 8th miscarriage or lose your 3rd job in a year or  why you haven’t met that special someone yet or why your marriage is shaky or why you can’t get pregnant or whatever it is that you may be struggling with today BUT, I do know that we serve a God who LOVES you and he will always walk beside you through life’s hardest times.

“…I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” Isaiah 41:10

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12 Responses to “ sadler’s kidney ”

Cristin said...

So glad Sadler is ok. What a mighty God we serve!

Jenn said...

LOVE this post especially your last paragraph. This is the thing I struggle with the most. The why and remembering He is with me through it all and to lean on Him.

Anonymous said...

as my son is going thru chemo to fight a benign brain tumor, i read isaiah 41:10 over and over again!

Christine said...

Thank you for this! I am glad Sadler's kidney is ok! But, I also needed that last part!

Elma said...

So thankful for such good news!!!

TanaLee Davis said...

This is great news! Amen sister.

Things in this world are wicked and hard to deal with. We know that if we cling to God and his word we will see a brighter future. One without sickness,pain or death.(Rev. 21:3,4) This we can be sure of because God promised us this and he has never broken his promise to us. Hugs-

Pam said...

I think that my hardest thing to do is giving all things up to God. The big the small, for most things we have no control... I am glad that Sadler is doing great. I have learned not to try to understand but to accept all things in his time. He will bless us in other areas and teach us as we wade through the muck that sometimes is our lives.

Anonymous said...

Glad Sadler is doing great. As parents, we do like to hear good news. But, for those you saw, without their good news, you gave the GOOD NEWS in your post!
Thanks for your witness/testimony. You have been an encouragement to so many. Ours is NOT to question, but to have faith and follow Him. God is good all the time. And, all the time, God is good!!
God bless you!

K & J Sayers

Brandy said...

I am so thankful for your testimony, willingness to share, and this blog. Thank you for your words of honesty and encouragement! What a praise for little Sadler!

TheVondrumFamily said...

Thank you for this, today. I'm glad Sadler is okay, but I agree about the sadness around Children's Hospitals; Here in WI we go to UW Children's Hospital or Milwaukee Children's Hospital. My first nephew, Rolin Isaiah, was diagnosed at my sister's 20 week ultrasound as having polysystic kidney disease in both kidneys, and as result of that, they weren't producing any amniotic fluid, and as result of that, his tiny lungs never had any chance of developing. He was born and passed away on January 26, 2010. My second nephew, Rolin's brother Christian Isaac, has stage 3 kidney reflux disease and high blood pressure with hardening of his heart valves; he turned 1 on January 13, 2012. I was with my sister, and my own 9 week old son, at Froedtert Children's Hospital when we found out about Rolin, and with her again at UW Children's Hospital for Christian's routine kidney and heart tests. I am glad to stand beside my sister and be strong for her at these appointments. Thank you for your prayers.

Leah said...

I always feel similar when I declare our blessings. With as much happiness, there is equal sadness and just a touch of uncertainty. I know His ways are unfathomable to us, and yet some days, it'd be so nice to just get a glimpse of the plan.

~Dawn~ said...

Bless your little Sadler!! So happy to hear good news for him!

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