Weekend Wrap up!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, we definitely did!

Thanks for all the comment love on my past post! To answer some of your questions, NO I am not a clean freak! That questions made Robb and I laugh out loud! I love a clean house, but mine rarely is! When I do clean I’m a bit crazy about it though, if I’m going to go through the effort of doing something it has to be just so. My towels have to be folded a certain way, and the clothes all have a very specific place they go. When I clean the counter I have to polish them too, if I’m going to vacuum I have to mop too, and then I have to dust and wash windows, I can get kinda crazy! :) I guess that does make me an odd sort of a clean freak ;)

Where I shop: I love Target and Hobby Lobby for some home decor items, but to be honest I like the unique stores more. I like to get things for my home that not 14 of my friends also have. TJMaxx and Marshalls are faves. Antique stores and gift shops, craft shows, and etsy are great! If you’re local, Not So Shabby is my all time fave! I go there almost weekly!

Decorating is a work in progress, I never find everything I’m looking for all in one trip, you have to wait it out until you find just the right piece for that certain spot. For instance, that rustic star on the mantel, I got that before Robb and I were even married, the candle sticks are from the old house and the garland I just got last year.

Hope that helps! Happy decorating!


Now onto our weekend!

Friday, I became the proud owner of 2012 Honda Odyssey! I’m so excited, I’ve always wanted a van! Thanks so much for your input on last weeks post, most comments were about the Odyssey and the Sienna, which were the two we were debating between, so your input was much appreciated!

I loved my Vue, but as the boys are getting big and with Robb and I both being tall, we were pretty crammed in there when we would go out as a family! I had to have my seat positioned way up (in order for Grayden to have any leg room) I would practically eat the dash, I’m sure we looked a sight! I will not miss being kicked in the back of the seat! The van has SO much more room!


Grayden has been asking to go to chuck e cheeses for a long time now, we made him a promise that if he could stay dry during naps we would take him there, and while that hasn’t completely happened yet, he is trying so hard, so we caved and took the boys there Friday night!




It’s so much fun to see your kids having such a great time!


I went to Zumba Saturday morning. After lunch we went to see the new house that my parents bought.

After the tour my mom and I did some furniture shopping for their new home, somehow I managed to find a new sofa and chair for our lower level and my mom didn’t buy a thing (although we found a lot of great options!)

When the boys woke up from their naps the guys met up with us for dinner at Applebee's.


Sunday we went to church and Sunday school. In the afternoon we stopped by my parents house to show them the new van! I helped in the nursery during the evening service and we relaxed the rest of the night!

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2 Responses to “ Weekend Wrap up! ”

Elma said...

OH what a nice new van:)I love vans!!
So where is this store not so shabby?

Kate said...

It's in holland behind the heggs furniture building (the old Great Lakes stores)