Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's day to my amazing husband! Thanks for being such an amazing dad to our kids. I truly believe they are some of the luckiest kids in the world to have a daddy like you. 

You've been incredible dad to our sons for years now, being a great role model to them, teaching them right from wrong, and hours upon hours of quality time spent playing with them. You boys have such an amazing relationship, and I know someday they will treasure that as much as I do. 
But now that you've recently become a daddy to a daughter that really pushed you to the top! I l just love to watch you with her. Even if you never spoke of your love for her, I can see in your eyes how much you adore her. 

I got Robb the book "Stay Close Little Girl" by Karen Kingsbury as a Father's Day gift from Jovie (he also got a grill grate for the fire pit and meat seasoning) and I wanted to share the first few pages here. I have the same book in the boy version that I've shared on here already. 
(Such sweet books, I ordered them from Family Christian Store if you'd like a copy for someone in your life, it makes an excellent gift.)

"One day a little girl was born into the world and for a very small moment, her father held his breath-
because that little girl was all his and his heart had never been so filled with joy and fear. 

From her tiny hospital bed, that baby girl reached up, took hold of her father's finger and held on tight. 
And right then, that father knew he would never let her go. 
Life with that little girl would always mean holding her hand." 

We love you daddy! So blessed to have you in our lives~
Lots of Love, 
Brenham, Grayden, Sadler and Jovie

And of course I want to also wish my dad and dad-in-law a Happy Father's Day! So grateful for the roles they play in my life and the life of my husband and kids. 

My Dad with his girls

My father in law with his boys

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3 Responses to “ Happy Father's Day! ”

Anonymous said...

He has never spoken his love? That doesn't sound like Robb.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

He does. But even if he didn't I would know he loves her by his actions.

Amanda Kapenga said...