A day in the life

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

As many of you long time readers know,  I spend the day of July 7 (14th last year to do being on bed rest) documenting a day in our life with pictures. I love looking back at how our day to day duties have changed as our family grows! Heads up for a lot of pictures...it was a BUSY day!

My day starts at 6:40 when I wake up. I text with Corinn, check emails, Facebook, etc.
I get Jovie up at 7:00am and get her breakfast, bottle and we share a banana.

7:30 Sadler wakes up and heads straight for the pantry! He chooses vanilla yogurt for breakfast. 

7:40 I start the coffee Robb made for me before he left for work (6:30) and sit down for some quiet time. 

7:41 Sadler interrupts my quiet time with a 10 minute hissy fit over me not letting him have 'blue cookies' (oreos). I give in and give him 1 after he finishes his yogurt. Just keeping it real :)

8:15 I get Jovie cleaned up and and dressed after breakfast and we have a little play time with Sadler. 

8:30 Grayden wakes up and get himself some cereal 

8:45 Boys watch Veggie Tales on my computer and my little side kick hangs out in my bathroom while I get myself ready for the day. 

9:00 I tackle this mound of laundry while Jovie takes her morning nap. 

9:45 Jovie wakes up, the boys are dressed and we are headed out to the library. 

10:45 finished picking out books at the library and paying a $20 fine for a damaged DVD

11:00 we are home from the library and the boys are spending 20 minutes 'reading' for their summer reading program. I let them choose a special place to read. Sadler picks under his bed and Grayden reads in the garage. Jovie is sleeping in her car seat and I work on a blog post. 

11:30 I clean up a broken mug that Sadler knocked off the counter while he was being a monkey and climbing on it. 

11:40 feed Jovie a bottle while the boys play

12:00 praying before lunch, leftover meat, mangoes and crackers for the boys. Avocado for Jovie and cottage cheese, a plum and a cherry coke for me. 

12:15 Daddy surprises us by coming home for lunch

12:30 the kids are playing outside with the water table and I'm relaxing with a Karen Kingsbury novel. 

12:40 Jovie has a diaper disaster so we head back in. 

 1:25 after working on some more laundry and cleaning up after lunch I check on the boys outside and find them running more water from the hose after I told them not to. Packed up the water table and sitting in time out. 

1:45 all 3 napping/quiet time. This is rare. 

2:10 I do a quick 10 minute kettle bell youtube workout since the scale this morning read 5 lbs up from the start of summer. 

2:50 I head outside to read, when Grayden is up from his rest he brings us both a snack!

3:25 Laundry is done except for the stuff that needs to be put away in the sleeping kids' rooms. Play time with my big boy!

3:40 reading with Grayden

4:10 I wake Sadler up from his nap and he snuggles with me and enjoys a snack of 'blue cookies'

4:20 Sadler helps me water the flowers hillbilly style.  no patience for a watering can! :)

4:30 Jovie is finally awake and she plays while I put hers and Sadler's laundry away. Boys watch Doc McStuffins

5:15 Jovie has a bottle and is playing in her high chair, boy are watching another TV show and I'm prepping dinner. 

5:25 Robb comes home and starts grilling dinner. 

5:45 dinner on the patio. We had grilled chicken, pasta with swiss chard and sweet potato fries. This was a disaster. The boys were behaving like animals and were sent to their rooms to finish eating. At least the food was good. 

6:30 I get ready for work while Robb cleans up dinner and reads to the kids

7:50 Quick grocery run alone after my one and only haircut of the night. Robb takes the kids for a bike ride to burn off their energy. JoJo takes a little cat nap. 

8:30 I get home and get Jovie ready for bed 

8;35 bedtime snacks all around, bottle for Jovie, ice cream bars for Robb and I and frozen Go.Gurt for the boys

8:45 I get a shower and plop in bed to watch the Bachelorette. Robb gets the boys ready for bed and they wind down. 

9:40 all 3 kids are finally asleep! 
That's a wrap!
So grateful to be able to spend my days doing what I love. Being a mom. Even when its not very glamorous!

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Brandy said...

I love day-in-the-life posts like this!!