Traverse City Camping Trip (June 11-14)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We left Thursday afternoon for a long weekend in Traverse City camping at their state park. 
We arrived around 5:00 and after a quick set up in the rain the first order of business was dinner! We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Culver's and Sadler was a happy camper! 

Next up was a trip to Moomers to meet up with Corinn and the kids!

Girls together at last!

(Jovie look huge compared to baby Lilli!)

The sweet boys picked up right where they left off last summer! 

Get it girl!

 Thankfully at that point it had stopped raining, so we went for a family bike ride to burn off some energy before bedtime. 

Friday morning was rainy so we headed to the children's museum with Corinn and her crew,

 and then we headed to her house for some pizza and more play time before heading back to the camper for nap time. 

 Some one's up!

We spent some time hanging out at the campsite, riding bikes and playing before heading to North Peak for dinner. 

(Jovie wasn't going to bother taking a break from eating for a picture!)

 We were so thankful the all-day rain they predicted was wrong, we ended up having a great day!
 We took a quick walk to the beach where Sadler got his clothes soaking wet, and then got everyone cleaned up for bed!

Saturday morning we made breakfast on the fire with supervision from Jovie!

Morning snuggles while we packed up some necessitates for the days' adventures. 

Our first stop was Pyramid Point trails where we hiked to a beautiful lookout,

From there we headed to Sleeping Bear Dunes and the boys had a blast (Jovie not so much) running up and down the huge dunes

We had a picnic lunch there and headed back with our sleepy troop!

I had a genius idea to run through the McD's drive thru and enjoy a treat I didn't have to share, but just as we were pulling out Sadler woke up! Shoot! 

Afternoon fun before enjoying tacos for dinner and calling it another great day! 
 Sunday morning came in a flash and we were sad to be leaving so soon! We grabbed some breakfast on the way out at the Omelette Shoppe and journeyed home till next time!

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One Response to “ Traverse City Camping Trip (June 11-14) ”

Emily said...

So fun! I've wanted to go to Traverse City since I moved to IN, but it's quite a drive for us. Maybe one day when the kids are a little bigger!!! Looks like you guys had fun, and as always it's gorgeous!