Mommy + Grayden date

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Last week we started what we hope will be a new back to school tradition by having a special mommy-son date of their choice before starting school. It was Grayden's turn first and he chose dinner at Panera Bread and going to Craig's Cruisers! He picked out a special outfit for us both and even did his own hair!

Even though he fell asleep en route to dinner, I didn't take it personally, we had a great time! He's such a funny, sweet boy and such a gentleman. He always opened the doors for me and held my hand!

I feel so lucky to be the only lady he's dating for a few more years, until another lucky lady snatches him up! :)

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One Response to “ Mommy + Grayden date ”

Victoria said...

Very cute! What a sweet idea :)