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Friday, January 8, 2016

This are all way out of order, and it's kinda driving my OCD nuts, but I'm so behind and I just wanna get them posted....AHH!

crazy Friday night at the Lubbers' :)

getting an up close look at baby Jesus at the Critter Barn Live Nativity 

enjoying one last dinner/shopping date with my friend Anne before she moved to Alabama :(

Sadler's special day being the star helper at preschool 

the first day of Christmas break I went to Meijer all ALONE while the kids were having a Christmas party with Aunt Lisa

 lucky kiddos had such a fun time at Aunt Lisa's party

Love me some cuties in pjs for movie and pj night at Kids Club, I could eat him with a spoon

this rarely happens anymore

those silly chipmunks! The boys made quick use of the movie theater gift cards they got for Christmas 

this little monkey climbed out of her crib for the first time, sad day!

loving her baby

I think this one is on the verge of a major growth spurt, he eats!

watching her baby dolls get a bath!

snugga luvva

we had such a fun night with my parents downtown Zeeland, checking out the reindeer, watching the model train exhibit, and just as we were walking to ride the horse drawn carriage Sadler threw up all over the sidewalk, poor love!

thankfully it was only a 12 hour bug (Jovie had it two days before) and no one else got it after him!

My cute 1st grader at his Holiday workshop 

soaking up the last snuggles with a one-year old

Christmas with the extended Lubbers side

she bit the end of her paci off,  and was quite sad!

My sweet little 2 year old!

Sadler at the dentist during Christmas break, unfortunately he'll be back for a filling :(

Same story for Grayden, YIKES!

we made FLOAM one day during break with Styrofoam cups, borax and glue and Sadler refused to touch it for hours, when he finally did he loved it!

waiting not so patiently for daddy to come home Christmas Eve so we could start our party!

My friend Rachel and I pattern mixing it up in our cassie skirts at M.Life!

a few of the lovely ladies at my M.Life (like MOPS) table

she has my heart

the boys going "bogging" which is a term they made up for hiking through the woods in their bogs boots :)

trying to earn some "mom of the year" points by wearing the earrings Grayden got me for Christmas to church, we agreed to not turn the blinking lights on since they might distract people!

when your mother and mother in law get you almost identical ornaments in your stocking, great minds think alike!

staying warm and cozy with baby Posey during the ice storm

power outage during an ice storm made us cozy up with candles, flashlights and extra blankets for the night
our power came back during the night and we made it to Jovie's well check appt with a few minutes to spare!

poor girl, I'd feel the same way about being weighed after the holidays. Our healthy girl is at the top of the charts, more to love!

after I finished this book I had the major urge to throw away anything I could get my hands on!

Cute little snow shoveling crew, they're for hire if you need some shoveling done!

set up for the little Christmas party I hosted for my book study girls 

so busy reading while we wait to pick up Sadler from school.

Ready to ring in the new year with SPARKLE!

one of my new years goals was to make my bed everyday, I've never made it a habit, yet! But it sure feels good to have it made!

cleaning every nook and cranny of the pantry, the kids thought I lost my mind!

on new years day we went out for dinner with the Rietman clan and then to a hotel (with a splash pad) for the night 

he could hardly contain himself

momma's girl in our stripes 

he has no fear!

cutie cousins had so much fun together 

our December date night 

we went to a cooking class where we made our own ravioli, and had dinner at Red Lobster

Trying our homemade ravioli, it was so good!

this text still makes me laugh, I sent my friend Emily the photo receipt instead of our Christmas card! opps!

Grayden's precious writing assignment, warms my heart!
"I like Christmas. Because it is Jesus' birthday" 

back in the school routine, on a Monday, called for some heavy duty liquid fuel from Starbucks!

robb's been working out with me this new year, love him more for it! 

pea soup for the first time, the kids were troopers about trying it, but it was not a hit! I was proud of them for trying!

it wouldn't be girls night without a little competition, even though I lost!

I wish the circumstances were different but I love having Grayden home today, his school district canceled school so students and staff could attend a funeral for a freshman who died in a sledding accident last weekend. 

and this boy stayed home from school too (he's in a different school district for preschool), we were halfway to school when he told me he thought he was going to be sick, I looked back at him and looked pale and pitiful, so I turned around and we headed back home. He doesn't look sick to me anymore, but better safe than sorry I suppose. Thankful he's feeling better! Maybe it was the pea soup last night! lol 

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2 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Mae said...

What did you think of the tidying up book? I read it in November and have been cluttering ever feels so good. I have three kids too so it takes a little longer to do but I am staying committed. Some of the things in the. Book don't seem practical for me but others do. Love how you are making your bed too I felt like I was the only one that didn't but have started to this. Year and if makes the room feel so clean.

Ashley B. said...

I need to read that tidying up book!!! My house isn't bad but every January 1st gets me in the cleaning/organizing mood!