Hello, 2nd Grade! Hello, Kindergarten!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Grayden and Sadler started school on September 6!
We had a full and amazing summer, and we were very much ready to get back into a school routine, but boy, was it hard to say goodbye to them!

Grayden on his first day of 2nd Grade

Sadler's first day of Kindergarten 

Off they go!

 And if you're thinking how easy I had it with only one kiddo home all day, you'd be mistaken! 
This little squirt more made up for the brothers being gone by getting into quite the mischief!
Within 10 minutes of being gone she destroyed Grayden's Lego masterpiece!

And while I was doing my friend Val's hair during her "nap" she tore a library book cover to shreds! Oye!

Finally at 4:00 they were home! They had great days!

We welcomed the boys home with a fun after school snack!

Grayden and Sadler, 
I am SO proud of you! You were both so brave starting your first day of school, despite the nerves. 
I pray you have great years at school, that you'll develop and deepen friendships, that your love for Jesus will shine in every inch of that school, and that Jesus will guide and protect you every single minute of the day. 
I love you so much!

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3 Responses to “ Hello, 2nd Grade! Hello, Kindergarten! ”

Angela said...

I love the pictures with all the details! What photo editor do you use for those? :)

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Pic monky is the website, most tools are free!

Heather said...

I love your after school snack idea!! So cute. :)