A Day In The Life Of The Lubbers, Fall Edition.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

One of my favorite things about keeping a blog is looking back over the years at how our day to day lives have changed, with "a day in the life" posts being at the tippy top of my favorite posts. I always do those in the summer, July 7 to be exact, and this past year I realized how different our summer days are from school year days, so I thought it would be fun to do a second edition, in the Fall, and Oct 3 was the day. 

Our day started at 6:00 when our early riser, Grayden, came in our room. He snuggled in our bed, looking out our window at "all the pretty stars" like most 7 year olds do, lol ;) 
He gets dressed and helps himself to a bowl of cherrios. 

Robb leaves for work at 6:45 and Gray loves to wave out the window as he drives out. 

Mondays are my laundry day. I do everyones laundry in one day, and then it's done for the week.
 I start my coffee and then put in the first of six loads. 

When that lovely sound of the coffee maker beeps, letting me know it's done brewing, I pour myself a mug, and sit down to start my grocery list. 

I wake Sadler up at 7:25, and he gets dressed. I make him a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. Jovie wakes up shortly after. 
The boys have hot lunch on Mondays, so I just pack them a snack (applesauce for Sadler, granola bar for Gray) and Sadler helps me fill their water bottles. 

We brush teeth, go potty, fix hair and head to the bus stop. 

The bus comes at 8:00 and the boys are off to school!

When we get back from the bus stop I get Jovie dressed and make her breakfast, a hard boiled egg, and mini muffins. 

We head downstairs, and Jovie plays while I do a short Pilates workout.

After my workout I have breakfast (2 hard boiled eggs) and Jovie plays with magna-tiles in my room while I get ready for the day...don't let her smile fool you, she had quite the hissy fit moments later!

By 9:45 we are loaded up and on our way to Aldi for groceries. 

We are in and out within 20 minutes

On our way home we stop and say "hi" to daddy at work.

When we get home I put the groceries away, switch out the laundry, and play with the little miss for a bit.  

I throw dinner in the crock pot, apricot glazed pork tenderloin. 

And put Crabby Gus down for an early nap at 11:30.

While she naps I work on uploading pictures for a blog post 

I heat up leftover enchilada quinoa for lunch around 12:30

By 1:00 all the laundry is cleaned and dried, and I start sorting it into everyone's individual baskets to be put away. 

Once the laundry is sorted I wake Jovie up.  

And make her lunch; turkey slices, cheese, tomatoes and applesauce. 

At 1:30 our friend Molly comes over while her mommy and daddy attend a funeral.

The girls have fun playing while I put some laundry away. 

We take a walk to get the mail and play outside until Molly gets picked up around 3:00.

The boys come home at 4:00 and have some down time watching tv. 

We have dinner at 5:30 when Robb gets home. 

After we eat we do some reading and school work. 

Robb and Jovie head out to pick up our camper from my friend Emily's house who borrowed it over the weekend, and I take the boys to Grayden's soccer practice at 6:30. 

While we're there I do a little reading for a bible study I'm starting with my friend Anne in Alabama. 

We get home at 7:30. Robb was finishing mowing the lawn. The kids play outside for a few minutes. At 8:00 Robb gets them all ready for bed while I wind down in a steamy, hot shower with some tea. 

By 8:30 the kids are all in bed (except for the little love who likes to get out for more hugs and kisses about 10 times!) Robb helps me put away the last of our laundry while we watch "Dancing with the Stars" in our room. 
We hit the hay at 11:00, thankful for another day. However mundane it may be, I'm so grateful for this life. 

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