Friday Photo Dump

Friday, June 9, 2017

Enjoying a bike ride with my biggest, and hearing all about his field trip that day!

My whole heart in one room!

Kids yoga!

They loved it!

I swapped frozen cauliflower rice instead of a frozen banana for my smoothie, it was surprisingly delicious!

garage saling loot!

Molly and Jovie joined me for my workout! 

Tulip time cuties!

Dutch girls!

The tradition continues!

Jovie got very sleepy during the parade!

I had been looking forward to this grilled gouda, apple and turkey sandwich since breakfast!

These are so addicting!

all packed up for an hour at Grandma's house while I helped in Sadler's class :)

This guy always know when I need a date night to reset!

Dinner with a view!

Yes, I text Robb this video of an epic toddler tantrum! Not that he needed proof!

Black bean and sweet potato quinoa bowls, oh so good! Recipe here

Sadler and his BFF at the zoo!

Camel rides with friends!

Photo bombed by a bald eagle!

Cutest little triceratops at his field trip to the zoo!

I remember taking that picture like it was seriously yesterday, but timehop tells me it was 3 years ago!
My baby is growing up faster than my liking but everyday she's been a reminder to me of God's faithfulness, and I'm so grateful for that. Last night she whispered in my ear "my hope is in the Lord!" and I don't ever want to forget that precious declaration!

All you need for the BEST kale chips! Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes or until crispy! 
Make a lot because they won't last long!

Bear hunt with my little mini!

So many movie choices at the library 

Fun at a new cafe!

"Jovie wuz here" 
'Nuff said 

She calls this the "kidney blanket" because she knows it has signatures and notes from many friends and family members who prayed for me when my kidneys were sick.
What she doesn't know is just how broken I was during that time, not only physically, but emotionally as well. One day, I hope she and her precious brothers will better understand how much those prayers made a difference, and how our Great Physician used the three of them to bring so much healing to my broken heart. 
"that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent. LORD my God, I will praise you forever." Psalm 30:12

The boys did a great job in their schools music program!

Portabello pizzas; I only made two, for both Robb and I, and a Stromboli for the kids, but Grayden wanted to try one so he ate Robb's up in no time. I should have known!

Jovie wanted to keep up with the boys, so she had a go at kayaking!

She's "coloring the parts she likes" in my book! 

Grayden had such a fun season of baseball! 

Go team!

He's improved so much!

It's been a few years since I had to drag 3 kids along with me for early morning lab work, but we still had to continue our tradition of donuts afterwards!

Face masks while we color Mindy's hair!

We had a fun night at the ODC with the Roelofs and Grandma and Grandpa R. 

Checking out the red tailed hawk!

Walking to the bird show!

Enjoying some ice cream!

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