Friday Photo Dump

Friday, March 9, 2018

My "Holy Yoga" instructor, Becca, posted this on her Facebook page and I just love what she said;

"Give God your weakness.
He'll give you His strength.

Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually! 

1 Chronicles 16:11 

Katie's first time in full lotus was a big surprise to her. Then she didn't even know she had the strength to lift all the way off the ground!!!"

Isn't that so true!? Not only in yoga, but also in life. 
God always gives us strength to get through the hard stuff, the stuff we never imagined we could, when we rely on Him.

He knows the way to our hearts, a surprise breakfast date!

I love having a sweet little buddy to do hair treatments with :)

Oh what I wouldn’t give to be a little birdie by the big snow pile at lunch recess that day!
A singing competition that’s not dangerous or inappropriate! Sign me up! 

Not sure if this makes me lazy, or smart. But I’m warm and getting some reading done for book club, and only hearing a portion of the arguments, so I call that a win!

Another great weekend at IF:Gathering!

With amazing friends to share it with!

Jovie has been asking to read stories in the Bible about miracles lately. It's so cute! I love being able to remind her about what a miracle SHE is!

Valentines' party in 3rd Grade!

 It's so fun to see him in his daily environment!

I’m not a fan of re-runs (or football) in general. But re-watching the Super Bowl game every chance he gets while simultaneously throwing a football to himself and mimicking the plays has me really baffled!

The girls all ready for our family date night!

This is an easy, go-to meal on a busy night when I have to work, I cook up some quinoa, set out all the fixings and we make our own quinoa-burrito bowls. If I have time I'll roast some red peppers and sweet potatoes too! 

We dove head first into a new adventure and got 10 chickens...currently down to 9 :(

Here is "Cutie pie", "Unicorn", "Flash", "Super Spy", "Hot Rod", "JD", "Tink", "Belle", "Monterey", and "Marsala" in all there chirpy cuteness.  And no, we can't tell them apart! 

The kids have been spending lots more time in the barn playing basketball after they do their "Chicken chores"

Little diva requested a picture before going on a date night with Grandma and Grandpa R.!

Pinewood Derby night!

He got 1st place in his age group for the second year in a row! Way to go buddy!

Date night with my man!

I love how easy it is for me to tell which library books belong to who!
Top ones are all Grayden, and the bottom two were written for Sadler!

I was so excited to see this actress on "Grey's Anatomy" wearing the Droplet Necklace from Noonday Collection!

These kids have come along way in their attitudes about helping pack bags of food for kids to take home over the weekends who might not otherwise have any. When we started a couple years ago they were a disaster every time, but it's been awesome to see their hearts changing and watch them help out with happy hearts now!

This cutie's picture got posted on the school district Facebook page. I had to snatch it and share!

Jovie has become quite the make-up artist :)

And boy, do I love that "kerly hare" :)

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