Friday Photo Dump

Friday, October 5, 2018

another photo dump of our life in pictures:

picking peaches with these cuties!

posing for pics after church 

grandpa's little helper

snuggles with grandpa

fun day at the cottage with both sets of grandparents

that didn't go as planned!

fun at the park with lot of friends

New Noonday samples!  Feels like Christmas!

Peyton's 5th birthday 

Open house at school!
one last hurrah before school starts!

my fave way to unwind at the end of the day

Loving this refreshing summer salad!

Sadler's first soccer game!

Coach dad!

cheering section!

he's so fun to watch!

getting them sugared up before a big storm may not have been the best idea, but it sure was fun! Thanks Grandma R!

getting a quick ride in before MORE rain came!

Her turn for preschool open house!

licking that ice cream bowl clean!  A boy after my own heart!

3 hours before leaving for a camping trip and not a thing packed, but at least the bathroom floors are clean! 

a real man lets his wife use the power tools, while he pulls weeds.

earning money to buy themselves books from the school book order had to be documented!

Sunday stroll with my big guy

I took advantage of my first morning alone with a little productivity; a sweaty workout in the park, and then...

a little relaxing at the beach, alone! felt so weird, but I didn't hate it!

what a guy; helping one kiddo with his homework after coaching another kiddo's soccer practice!

adding a boost to my day from the inside out, drinking bone broth and reading this really good book. 

my live-in make-up artist :)

you know a book has made in impact on you when you start dressing like the cover :)

had such a fun night with Jessica Honegger on her book tour!

beautiful view from my favorite little Michigan beach!

Grandpa and Grayden fishing from the pontoon. 

slow cooker sweet apple pork , yum!

make shift yoga block :)

Robb + books makes my heart go pitter-patter ;)

I love this little town!

men in green with their green fro-yo bowls! I wish I could say I planned that :)

carb loading!

blueberry coconut chia pudding with coconut cashew protein bites, it's like dessert for breakfast!

oops! daddy forgot about the dino nuggets :)

hauling logs and humming along to the theme song from "Alaska; The Last Frontier" :)

awesome night at the Nourish to Flourish soiree. 

beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan 

There we go, now I won't need so many refills from our waitress!

Enjoying a mini-concert by Selah!

Just another day on Nature View Lane

She came out of her room and said her outfit "a little bit matches" :)

little diva with her scraped up knee propped up and airing out at bedtime!

picking honeycrisps!

It's nothing short of a miracle when our pickiest eater willing ate salmon and asked for seconds! I was in disbelief!

girls day!

this is always such a treat!

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2 Responses to “ Friday Photo Dump ”

Meg said...

Hi Katie! Where do you find your Primal Elements products? I see them on Amazon but I'm wondering if you have found them locally in stores?

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

HI Meg! I picked a couple up from the spa at the resort we stayed at in Mississippi, so no, I haven't found them in any local stores, unfortunately!