Jovie Breann, you are 5 years old!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Oh my goodness, Jovie! FIVE years old! 

You are such a little lady and so fun to have as a daughter!

You love pink, and all things "fancy"

You are still quite shy, but it's been fun watching you become more and more confident! You are full of surprises!

You are so observant, and have a great memory!

You love school and playing with your friends.

You love watching youtube, and playing playdoh. Your favorite foods are grilled chicken, cheese, tomatoes, bacon and fruit.  You don't like playing alone, bedtime or being called "cute" :) 

Jovie,  I love being your mom and watching you grow up into the woman God made you to be! You are so special and I'm so thankful for you!  

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