Wordless Wednesday...well, sort of!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If you are following me on twitter you know about my great idea to start crocheting baby hats, and if your not, then you should..i'm katiejo11. Well anyways, I wanted to for two reasons. First b/c I love babies in hats and secondly, because I wanted to donate some little tiny ones to the hospital I delivered Brenham at for all the wonderful things they did for us. I started off with a practice one that could be for our future baby someday. So I bought all the supplies and the yarn was even on clearance and named 'yarn bee' which is perfect b/c we call our future baby 'bee' instead of saying 'the baby' all the time, so here is the bee's hat (if its a girl) so far....

What do you think? are you seeing my vision??

This is a nightmare, I do know how to crochet, but just in a straight line like this. I don't know how to do all the fancy stitches like half double stitch in particular and what does joining mean? I look up online tutorials and even watch videos on You.Tube but still can't get it to look right!

I haven't completely given up yet, I think I have to buy some plain yarn and not this fancy fuzzy kind. So wish me luck!! Any advice?

And speaking of how wonderful the hospital is, look what is hanging right outside the room where Brenham was delivered. it's a picture of a 'forget me not' and is framed with "In loving memory of all our babies who are now home in heaven but who are still missed in our hearts" written beneath it!
Love that!!
so much for 'wordless" Wednesday! i tried!

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16 Responses to “ Wordless Wednesday...well, sort of! ”

Courtney said...

Hi Katie!

I've been reading your blog for a while now and I think it is so sweet that you want to do this for other babies. You have such a giving heart. I can only knit in straight lines as well, but I found these circular looms that are SO easy to use, and I have made tons of hats with them. If you visit this link, you'll see the looms, but I bought mine at Hobby Lobby.

Good luck!!

Courtney said...

Whoops, forgot to leave the link...


Here you go! :)

Alli said...

Hhmmm.... I have absolutely no suggestions for how to do all that fancy yarn stuff...or even the basic yarn stuff. Sorry. I just sew because the machine does it for you...you just guide, organize, and decorate :)

I love the painting:) So precious!!!

Happy Wednesday:)

in.luv.with.m said...

I love that yarn! Unfortunately, I don't have advice for knitting or crocheting. I tried to teach myself once, and it really didn't work out that great. I hope you have better luck (and skills)!

Anonymous said...


Good Luck

colesGodmommy said...

Hey Katie! I have crocheted a few blankets and I tried the fuzzy yarn with my first--it was way too hard! So I switched to regular yarn...but I had to actually have my mom show me in person how to join rows and do the other stitches--pictures and tutorials just didn't work for me!

Verna said...

Wish you were closer I would love to help you get the crocheting down pat.
Suggest tho that you work with the regular Baby Bee yarn that isn't so fuzzy then work with the fuzzy stuff later. Even after years of crocheting I stear away from the fuzzy stuff.
I made a cap for my daughter when she was small, but haven't made any small hats, Do you have a pattern?
Check out my Things I have Made blog.

Verna said...

Oh, Yes, if you have a pattern that you want to do, I would love to make some for you.

Sorry the above link didn't copy everything it should


This is the link that will take you to my regular blog and you can link to the other blog of Things I have Made.

Rebecca said...

I love the yarn and I think those will be beautiful hats! Although I don't have any tips about how to make them, I do work as a nurse in a hospital on a mother/baby unit and can tell you personally that I know mothers and fathers truly appreciate hats and blankets, etc. that people donate. What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

joining normally means attaching the end you have your crochet hook at with a prior crocheted stitch. Probably to make a circle like ring of your croceheted work.

LJFredricks said...

Aw! I love the forget me nots! That is really sweet! let me k now if you need more help and I will take you to my grandma. There are so many of us she may just assume you are family!! But seriously I am sure she could teach you (and then I could learn too).

Lisa said...

Don't feel bad, you'll get it...and if not, it'll still be a keepsake! We received one hat when Paul was born that was so big (long) that is would have fit clear down past his shoulders! He was a big boy but not THAT big! I still smile when I see it or think of it, I can't get rid of any of the baby hats (the hand made ones). Have fun!

Stephanie said...

Hey! An easier way to make hats is with those hoops that have the spikes coming out of them. I don't know exactly what they are called but they are plastic and come in different sizes based on what sized hats you want to make. I know they have them at Walmart. They are alot easier that crochet. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

can you just use glue? that's what i would do.

Sandy E said...

Did you find someone to show you how to crochet? Or figure it out? I would be willing to show you what I know, if it would help (I'm not a crocheting expert, but I can follow most directions unless they are very complicated or extra fancy.) If you know how to knit, or want me to show you how, I would gladly give you the pattern to those booties you got from the hospital, as well. Are you collecting things in all sizes, or mostly Brenham's size?

Queen Mommy said...

Until you have a bit more experience, I would recommend crocheting with regular, less-nubby, yarn. There are some really soft, pretty ones in the stores. Once you get more adept with those, you can try the nubby stuff again, but make sure you use really loose crochet stitches. A larger hook makes it easier to see what you're doing too. My dh actually taught me how to crochet right after we first got married (about 10 years ago). He taught me how to chain and single crochet (he had to figure out how to do it left-handed, so I could "see" it). For the rest of the stitches, I used the book "I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting." Good luck!!