Adoption Movies

Thursday, April 16, 2009

next time you have some time on your hands and if you are looking to learn more about adoption and hear some real life stories...go here and watch some of the videos.
It is hard to find accurate presentations of adoption stories these days...they all seem so old fashioned and are usually full of 'adoption myths'. But these are some good real-life ones. The first one 'Neumann/Jolly' is really good if you are looking for a story about an open domestic adoption. And the 'Champan/Turner/Kemp' one is the story about Steven Curtis Champan's family's journey to China to adopt their girls.
But I am warning you...have the tissues handy and be prepared to fight the urge to run (not walk) to your nearest adoption agency office and sign yourself up to adopt (as if it was that easy!) will tug at your heart. I want to do it all over again someday and we aren't even finished with this one! Adoption is such a blessing.
Just thought I would pass that along.

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7 Responses to “ Adoption Movies ”

Amanda said...

Guessing you have already heard of it, but check out the book Shaoey and Dot

It is SUPER cute!

Margarita said...

Aww, thanks for sharing the link. How is the adoption process going?

bri said...

What a precious post! thanks for sharing. We are always looking for adoption movies! AND any time there are children involved in an adoption... you'd better believe that there are going to be tears shed! haha Never fails!

You are right... "LIKE IT IS THAT EASY!!!"

haha God Bless you both! I am praying that you would meet your newest family member SOON!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to check it out! I've always wanted to adopt - ever since I read the book Lost In The System (years ago).

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the warning about the tissues. I was crying when I watched Steven Curtis Chapman's story, cuz of the horrible accident that happened last May.

Natalie said...

What amazing stories - thanks for sharing!

Diane M. said...

Oh dear, I think I just wasted a whole afternoon watching those amazing videos! I am so inspired by the love in the adoption families. You are truly blessed to have the opportunity to adopt.