Happy 6 months Paco-day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

time flies....6 months already?!?

(this really isnt a picture from the actual transplant day but I am too embarrassed to put those pictures up...i was a little out of it) (I love how my pain button is ever so conveniently draped across my chest for easy access!)
Happy 6 months Paco! I am so happy to have you!

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6 Responses to “ Happy 6 months Paco-day! ”

Kates said...

Keep up the good work PACO!! Katie, I hope to get your suprise in the mail in the next week or so. Hope your having a good day.

Love from WI

Verna said...

Happy 6 Months Paco-Day & MANY, MANY MORE TO COME!!!

Have a great day.

Laurie in Ca. said...

I am so happy for Paco-Day too and I see the love of sisters in this picture that just melts my heart. What a gift the two of you beautiful girls share. What a blessing you are too.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Emily said...

Happy Paco day to you...congratulations!! How blessed you are - enjoy this day!

Jaclyn said...

Yay for Paco!!! And you look really good in this pic for just having gone through a major surgery!

Mindy Roelofs said...

WOW! Don't I just look like a beauty! HEHE!! I am happy you have him too! I am just fine with out him!!