King of the World

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This year's father's day was the best ever! I was looking so forward to being able to celebrate ALL the special fathers in my life! My dad, my dad in law, my baby's dad, his birthdad and most of all my Heavenly dad! I spent a lot of time thanking Him this father's day, for loving me so much and giving me this abundant life!

There is a song that is sung my the group Point of Grace called "King of the World" about a girl dancing with her daddy. I love that song but the when I hear the words I think of my Heavenly Father dancing me around until "my feet don't ever touch down"
Now, I do get an occasional dance in with my dad :)

but I long for the day when I get to heaven to celebrate and dance with my Heavenly Father every single day! He is the King of the World"

But until then I am enjoying every second God has given me to watch my husband be a daddy to our wonderful boys.

(I love the gentle way he holds our boys!)
He is better than I ever imagined he would be and as a result a better husband! I couldn't ask for more! He is the best! I couldn't wait to see Robb experience fatherhood and never did I imagine it would be this amazing! We love you!

Pictures of our day on Father's day*they are so handsome*

I got this idea from another blog I read and thought it was so cute!! I plan to take their picture like this every year on fathers day!

Hope all you dad's out there had a great day on Sunday and for those men/husbands that have yet to experience's worth the wait and we pray for you as you wait!

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17 Responses to “ King of the World ”

Jennifer said...

What a bunch of handsome boys you have in your life. I'm glad they had a good Father's Day.

Holly said...

I love the pics of your hubby with his sons. So precious!

mak'n Changes said...

What a beautiful post! That last picture cracked me up.

Becki said...

Katie, we've never met, but I so enjoy reading your blog. Your faith in our Heavenly Father is astounding. Thank you for being an example of true faith. Your Sister in Christ, Becki

The Milams said...

What a beautiful post. My hubby was deployed early fathers day morning. So we missed the festivities with him. I love the picture of your hubby with both your boys the are so precious i just wish i had got to get picture of our angel before he had to go.

Suzanne said...

As always, your writing gives me a dose of faith and inspiration.
LOVE love love the photos!!!

Erin said...

I Love the pics of your hubby and his boys, just adorable! And the tie pic is just the best!

kbloems27 said...

I absolutly love the tie picture! I might have to start this even though my son is 4!! It is just too cute!! Thanks for sharing!

Patrice said...

LOVE the picture with the cute!

Verna said...

Love the photos, It is great how to see him with his sons.

Yes, the tie cracked me up.

Lilly's mom said...

I love all the pictures and I have been reading your blog for a long time now.. and I have a personal question about the genetics between you and your son.. do you three share any of the same blood linen.. the picture with G in his khakis is amazing because his daddy and him look like twins.. I was just wondering if you would be willing to share with us the "blood relationship".. not that it matters at all, please dont find my question rude.. for I am inspired by you and your family.. and you make God proud!

bless you all!

DianeTaylor said...

Hi Katie - what amazing pictures, it brought tears to my eyes - what a special day for all of you.

I am a fairly new follower of your blog and think you have such a strong faith, especially with all the battles you have fought in your life. I know of a girl who is struggling with finding out that her baby has a genetic defect and will soon be an angel,like Brenham. If you have a few moments, she has started a blog to chronicle her journey - and I think she would love to hear from someone who has been thru this and what to expect. Her blog is called When October Falls....the url is

THANK YOU so much - Blessings to you and your sweet family :)

~diane t~

Kelly said...

Wow! Your sweet boy G looks like your husband! What a blessing from the Lord! I am very happy for you and your husband!

Rotten said...

How awesome is Father's Day with a new baby! I am glad it was so wonderful. Just think of how much he will have grown by next year!!

Jorden and Kristin said...

That is so wonderful he had such a great fathers day! that makes me happy! I was praying for him! :) that picture with the tie is AMAZING! i love it! but i'm sure when he's 16 that won't be nearly so cute or fun for him :)

bri said...

I love love love the pictures! That last one is PRICELESS! They are very sweet together! I am so glad that you have little Grayden in your life!

Brittany and Brian said...

Hi Katie! I am new follower to your blog, and I have to say, your faith in the Lord is a testimony to the wonderful works He can do. It's an example that I can only hope to follow, as I strive to share Christ's love with those I encounter everyday.

Your little boys are so precious. I know that Brenham is safe in our Lord's arms, watching over your family and his little brother with love and kindness, hope and joy. No matter where you go, you, your husband and your son will have a guardian angel watching over you always- and such a handsome one at that!

Your blog is such an inspiration, and I look forward to your new posts! Reading through your story, I laughed and cried and prayed with you along the way- you are such a strong, courageous, and faithful woman who is a tremendous role model to so many!

I know that this is my first time commenting, but I wanted to ask a favor of you. Could you pray for me? I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy in my left leg, ankle and foot, and because of it, have chronic pain from a damaged nerve. I am 23, and have been fighting this disease for 3 years now. I have gone through many treatments, and now, we are waiting approval for a spinal cord stimulator, which will help block the pain signals and allow me to regain my life. During this difficult time, God has been my refuge and strength, and without Him, I would be no one. With His love and mercy, my fiance and I have weathered this storm that has taken over, and we continue to pray for the healing powers of our Lord. Please, if you would, please offer a prayer up for me, and my fiance, and my (very supportive) family? That would be so wonderful if you could.

I will continue to pray for you and your family- for the health and well being of you and your kidney, for the happiness in your marriage, for the continued guidance in your life from our Heavenly Father, and for the richness and joy of life with your son.

God Bless you, always and forever!

Brittany (and Brian, my fiance!)