Cran Hill Retreat

Monday, February 22, 2010

Robb and I took our youth group kids on a weekend retreat to Cran Hill Ranch last weekend. We had tons of fun playing with the middle schoolers are taking part in all the fun activities!

But the best part was the worship and speakers, they did a great job challenging us all to live the Christian life out loud so everyone will know our faith by the way we live! It was very cool to see the Spirit moving in the kids! It makes all the sleep-less nights, pillow fights, and scary stories worth it!

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2 Responses to “ Cran Hill Retreat ”

Joyful Momma said...

I have never seen anyone else ever play gutter ball.....I thought that was just a thing from my church camp :) How fun!

RN Mama said...

How fun! I used to go to summer camp at Cran Hill:)