Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I've been unplugged from the computer for the past few days (other than the times I use my parents computer), ours bit the dust and after a few stressful days wondering if my pictures would be recovered all is well and a new laptop is on its way!!

i have lots to post about when it arrives including; Grayden's 9 month post, our weekend retreat with the youth group, valentines day, and all about a Tuesday morning phone call i made!!

Hope to be back blogging again soon :)

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7 Responses to “ unplugged ”

A Truly Grand Haven said...

I am excited to hear about you weekend and see some cute pictures Grayden! ;)

LJFredricks said...

Tuesday morning phone call? You better post on that soon. I have no patience for cliff hangers you know!

Kristy said...

Nothing like keeping us hanging. ;)

shellycoulter said...

Wondering about your pictures when your computer is tweaking out is the WORST feeling. Glad everything turned out okay!

Val said...

yeah, I agree with lisa what is with the tuesday morning phone call!!! oh the anticipation!!!!!!!!

Lori said...

Sounds very exciting!! Can't wait to hear about it!

PPR said...

good reminder to always, always have a backup! Get one of those usb drives and keep a copy of all important files on it. Free advice from a computer professional!