The Night Before Christmas..

Thursday, December 30, 2010

We had our little family party on Christmas Eve.

We started out the night with the Christmas Eve service at Ridge Point and then headed home to eat dinner.


I read the Christmas Story out of Grayden’s Bible and then we opened gifts!

We started the tradition last year by giving Grayden 3 gifts to open, because baby Jesus was given 3 gifts by the wise men, we always want to be reminded of the reason we celebrate Christmas and get gifts in the first place. Plus as you’ve seen by now, Grayden was very blessed with lots of new toys from his Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. So we went simple.

And he has plenty of toys already (this is only half of them)

(we’ve since gone through and eliminated!)


But anyways, here is our handsome boy so excited to open presents!IMG_9694





Robb and I got each other an Ab Glider for Christmas and Grayden got his daddy a new wallet and an new ornament for mommy!





After presents we got Grayden changed into his new pj’s and Daddy read him the Night Before Christmas, just like last year!




We had a great night but our hearts were missing our little Brenham more than ever, how we wish we could celebrate these holidays and everyday with him and his little brother as a family of 4.

 brenham boy 019

We miss you more than you’ll ever know sweet boy!

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2 Responses to “ The Night Before Christmas.. ”

Andrea said...

My heart breaks for you and Rob, as I know you are missing Brenham terribly bad. I continue to miss our Christian as well and suppose I always will.

On a happier note, looks like Grayden thoroughly enjoyed his Christmas. I'm loving the potty...cute!

Happy New Year and Prayers always

The Smith Family said...

Where did you get the white storage bin for toys? Love it!