the process of getting the perfect family picture

Friday, December 31, 2010

first, you gather everyone and get them all settled in front of the camera standing on the tripod in front of the tree,

then, you set the timer to take 10 consecutive pictures and make a mad dash to join your family by the tree…

and the camera starts snapping.


you get a couple good ones…..



a couple goofy ones



and some bad ones



But even though you have a couple decent ones, momma’s still not happy, b/c she thinks she looks fat so you switch to the other side, suck it in a little  and try again (my kidney is on my right side so that’s my fat side, ok bad excuse…lets just go with “I had too much for dinner”)


much better, but Robb looks pretty unhappy…lets try again


“Grayden, sit up straight!”



uh, now you can’t see the dog, lets move him to the other side



this isn’t working!!


lets just kiss and give up!


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11 Responses to “ the process of getting the perfect family picture ”

Risa said...

Sounds like our picture taking efforts, LOL. Wait til you add another child in - it turns to total chaos! I don't know how families with a lot more kids do it! We haven't attempted a family pic in front of our tree this year -just some of the boys. Maybe I should try at least once before the tree comes down this weekend :)

PS.. The pics are great!

Jus and Kat said...

You don't look fat in a single one of those pictures, girl! Those are great, I love "this isn't working"!

Brandi said...

HAHA the next to last one made me laugh outloud. The looks on both you and Robb's faces...ha! Hope all is well :)xoxo

Bethany said...

Ha! I loved this "play by play"! Too cute!!

Michelle said...

I just woke my son up laughing at your captions. Happy New Year :)

Kim said...

Very Cute, I laughed along while looking at the pictures! They all look great! Happy New Year

Allie said...

What a great post! I got SO frustrated with our attempt at family pictures. My husband told me to relax. My son still struggles with reflux since he was a preemie and so of course he decided a little spit up when I tried to get pictures wouldn't hurt. Ugh! :) Cute post. Love the pics.

RN Mama said...

Haha, I love this! They are all adorable pictures:)


lol! you guys are gorgeous though. i need to try this one day

happy new year

Lori said...

Too cute!! And you do not look one bit fat, girl!!!

edmo said...

Our pictures always looked like that - we always had a hilarious sequence and by the end my husband always looked miserable in all the pictures. Now with 2 kids, we just take one and go, whether we're all looking or not! Most of our family pictures have one crying child, one looking the other way, and one of us parents usually looks scared or exhausted.