{puzzles, testing limits and counting}

Thursday, February 10, 2011

how's that for random!

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5 Responses to “ {puzzles, testing limits and counting} ”

Rachel said...

He has such a cute voice!

Anonymous said...

Katie, what a cute way to help Grayden put the puzzle pieces in place! You seem to make learning so much fun for him ~ keep up the good work. Grandma L.

TanaLee Davis said...

Grayden is so cute! His little voice is cuter than I could imagine...He is so very smart, you've done a great job working with him.

The Gimlins said...

My son is almost the exact same age as Grayden so I really enjoy seeing your videos. I think I will try the "turn turn turn" trick for the puzzle. My kiddo would love saying that to himself, and it might help to keep him from getting frustrated when the piece isn't going in.

edmo said...

I love your accent! I know you probably don't think you have one, but I love it. I'm from Ohio - most of us here have no fun accent.

I'm so impressed he can count to 10! Our 2.5 year old can only count to 3, but he does have some mad puzzle skills at least.