Sadler Graham, you are 2 months old! (6/19/11)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How did that happen? You’re growing too fast!
you are such a little thing, in the 10th %ile for weight weighing 9lbs 15 oz and 22inches long in the 25th %ile.
You have chubby cheeks and big brown eyes that everyone LOVES!
you started sleeping through the night (8 hours)  last week Sunday at 8 weeks old and have been ever since! We are so PROUD of you!
your reflux is 100x better, you are off the zantac and doing great! thank you chiropractor!
we get smiles and coos all day long, what a happy boy!
you’re not big on naps, you love to be held and the minute I lay you down you’re wide awake! little cuddle stinker bug!
you are starting to show interest in toys

you are so strong, during tummy time you lift your head high and move it all over!
you eat 4oz every 4 hours during the day.
Newborn clothes still fit you the best but you’ve been wearing mostly 0-3 month things to exp[and your wardrobe!
you wear newborn diapers but once this pack is gone we’ll be switching to size 1’s
you love attention, tend to be a little dramatic and are full of feisty-ness!

Love watching you grow buddy! We love you bunches!

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21 Responses to “ Sadler Graham, you are 2 months old! (6/19/11) ”

Elma said...

He is soooo cute!! So he is a tiny one but healthy!! My kids when they were born where that size:) He has an adorable smile to!!!

Lauren said...

Precious baby! I just want to hold him! So glad he has parents like you to LOVE him! :)

Risa said...

Such a cutie pie :) oh, and fyi, Andrew's hair was totally straight for the first year, then the curls showed up, LOL. Ethan's has always been a bit curlier from the get go -- either way I'd bank on some cute curls for Sadler! Being a hairstylist you probably have plenty of products, but I've found that this company makes products that have worked well on Andrew and Ethan's hair you can find some of their products at Target. They use organic extracts, natural oils etc.

Anonymous said...

How much did Sadler weigh and his length at birth? He is really very tiny huh? Some babies are born that big!

Lori said...

That is so hard to believe that he's already 2 months!! Him and Savannah are 2 months apart, so cool! He sounds a lot like Savannah with his naps! She just recently started taking a few naps in her crib. Mostly though she sleeps in her swing. I noticed since she started sleeping through the night that her naps got a lot shorter.

He's such a cutie pie!

Trish said...

what a sweet little peanut :) congratulations again!!!

Kate said...

@anon, he was 7lbs 10 oz and 20" long at birth but dropped below 7lbs and had a hard time gaining it back at first but he's catching up now and gaining really well!
@risa, he does get curls when his hair is wet/sweaty! i love it! thanks for the product tip, i have lots to learn about that!

Erica said...

So cute, and amazing that he's sleeping so well for you! Question, where is the green polka dot onsie from? It's so cute, I love your taste in baby clothes. We're expecting our first baby boy in a couple of weeks and I am having the worst time finding boy clothes I like! Where do you shop?

Kate said...

@erica! awe! congrats little boys are SOO fun! that onesie is from old navy which is my #1 fave store for boy clothes, most of my boys' clothes are from there, also childrens place is hit or miss and carters for the basic onesies and pjs and stuff! crazy 8 is fun too (the cheaper version of gymboree)


seriously. way too adorable

DianeTaylor said...

I am dying of the cuteness over here - Sadler, you are so loved! I'm so happy we can see all his pics now - I have to remember to go back to your old posts and see more of his cuteness.

Allie said...

So adorable! And yes, the most beautiful big brown eyes!

-Lauren said...

So So sweet. Those brown eyes are amazing. Congrats!

Jen said...

Seriously...He is SOOOOOO adorable!!!!! I just love his little smiley face...oh sweet mercy.
so happy for you!!!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

He is so incredibly adorable! Love that hair!

Ryan V. said...

So, so sweet!! What a little blessing!

edmo said...

He's very cute. Maybe I missed a post but I think these are the first close pictures I've seen on the blog. My second son never wanted to nap because he too woke up the second we laid him down. He ended up sleeping most afternoons on the couch because we could easily slide him on there and slide out our arms without him noticing. Thankfully our 18 month old left him alone and didn't try to push him off the couch!

Anonymous said...

I agree..I think Sadler looks real dark and had more features of African American.

Drvance19 said...

What a ham, love that big smile.

Sara said...

Well, he is just the most handsome little guy! Congratulations to you on Sadler - what a beautiful boy with a beautiful name.
I love reading your blog and am so glad that everything worked out with your newest addition. :)

Ashley said...

I have been reading your blog for quite awhile and I was thrilled when i heard about your 2nd adoption. I've been on maternity leave the past few months and took a huge blog imagine my surprise when I came to your blog today and saw this most WONDERFUL news about Sadler. Congratulations! I am so thrilled for you and your family! What a great blessing. I think our babes are only days apart from each other so I'm sure to be checking in again soon!