does this look comfy to you?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sadler during his nap yesterday:


grayden sound asleep at bed tine:


crazy sleepy kids!

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7 Responses to “ does this look comfy to you? ”

Jenna said...

Ok, Grayden's is too funny! Jax hardly ever gets his head off of his pillow, much less completely out of bed. He does have those same jammies though :) Too cute!

Samantha said...

Children are so funny! Their young bodies allow them to sleep practically any way without paying for it when they wake up! My neck hurts just looking at Sadler's position and back hurts just looking at Grayden sleeping on the floor! =)

Sara said...

My three year old sleeps under his bed all the time! We're thinking he must love confined spaces because he is in a toddler bed and there isn't much room under there.

Marcie said...

Those are hilarious!

Tara said...

I have a whole album full of pictures of all the crazy things my boys have been caught doing! Joseph slept on the floor under his bed for about a year! We'd check on him before we went to bed and every night have to pull him out of his "nest" and put him back in bed. Not to mention.....all the "treasures" that he had in his nest! Funny boys!

Allie said...

Too adorable!

Jamie said...