Look-a-likes {according to Grayden}

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Whenever Gray see’s Dr. Travis Stork on The Drs. TV show he thinks its his daddy!! This has been going on forever and I thought he’d quickly figure out that the guy on tv is not daddy but he calls him daddy every time he’s on TV! haha


I can’t quite see the resemblance…can you?

Picnik collage2

And what about this?:

Grayden thinks this boy on the box of the Bumbo seat is Sadler!


Picnik collagelal

Both MY boys are way cuter :)

I guess I’m one of a kind because he hasn’t pointed out any mommy look-a-likes!! YET!

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4 Responses to “ Look-a-likes {according to Grayden} ”

Rachel said...

That's funny, and you're right - yours are cuter :)
Whenever we see a nativity or Christmas book, my 3 yr old calls baby Jesus "Olivia" his baby sister!

Elma said...

That is soooo cute!!! I think that little seat has been recalled. Elma

phgeerlings said...

this totally made me laugh; any time mackenzie sees a pic of a baby she thinks it's of piper!

Sarah said...

So cute! Out of the corner of my eye Dr. Stork does look a *tiny* bit like Rob. I have to agree with Grayden on the Bumbo seat baby!