poor little pinky

Monday, January 23, 2012

on new years day, while packing our suitcase for our night away at the hotel i was jamming a few extra things in the bag and i heard a snap come from my hand! it sounded like i broke my pinky but it didn’t hurt it was just stuck like this:


i figured if i would have broken it i would have some pain so i went on about the day, and the next few days with it still stuck in that position.

finally on Friday after lots of convincing from my mom, robb and all the girls at my MOPS table i finally went to the doctor. she splinted it up and referred me to a hand surgeon.

that next Monday, i saw dr. wolfe and had an x-ray done which showed that i didn’t break the bone but i did rupture the tendon, so he suggested i wear a splint on it 24/7 for 6 weeks in hopes that scar tissue will form and keep my finger straight again, if that doesn’t work i’ll need surgery on it to put a pin in!


I have 4 weeks to go! here's hoping i don’t surgery at the end of all this! so embarrassing!

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10 Responses to “ poor little pinky ”

crystal said...

Oh wow, that just hurt me by looking at it. Hope it heals on its own.

Emily said...

Wow, I am sorry and hope that you don't need surgery! It hurts me to even look at it...poor pinky!

jillsloothaak said...

oh my! i can still picture it just flopping around....poor thing! i'll pray for no surgery! glad that you have a good sense of humor because it is still a {little} bit funny. :)

Joy said...

Ouch! Hope it heals quickly

Elma said...

Oh I hope your finger heals quickly!!! Sounds painfull to me.

Cindy said...

Did that to my little toe several years ago. Heard it snap,I could bend it in a weird position but it didn't hurt. I had it looked at,same thing-ruptured a tendon. The dr. said I was fortunate it wasn't a finger. Since it was just a toe,nothing was done,doesn't hurt,it's just still crooked!

Jeannie said...

Yikes! I sure hope the splint works it's magic so you can stay surgery free!

Marcie said...

Ouch! That hurts me!

Judy B. said...

What funny wierd things can happen to our bodies...eh?!!! Hope the splint takes care of it. :)

Jenn said...

OMG I cringe at this picture! I am literally squirming in my chair! Hope all goes well. My brother severed a tendon in his middle finger. It still is a little bent but much better now...no surgery!