Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I wasn’t going to make any new years resolutions this year but this one just kinda fell into my lap; I’m going to read the entire Bible in one year.

My husband got me this Bible for Christmas:


(photo credit: Amazon)

The One Year Chronological Bible

robb, my sisters, and several members of our church are also taking on the challenge, which is great, i need the accountability.

I’m super excited about it, this Bible reads like a story so its really easy understand. I’ve only read 3 days worth and I’ve already learned something I didn’t know before! I love the translation (New Living Translation) and its been really interesting to read in chronological order.

I’ve never read the whole Bible through after many attempts but this Bible lays each day’s readings all out for you and its only been about 15 minutes of reading a day! Very doable!


So I’m curious, has anyone read through the whole Bible in a year, or ever? Anyone want to join me in the challenge?

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16 Responses to “ resolution ”

Charity said...

I just have to tell daughter made it her resolution last year to read through the Bible in 2011. She finished with about 10 days to spare, and at the age of 11 put her mother to shame, because I have yet to do that. I think I need to make that my resolution this year too!

Jenna said...

I've never read through the whole Bible! My husband and I started it our first year of marriage (4 years ago) and got about 3/4 of the way through, then had a baby and never finished. Agh! I may have to check out the one you're using. Good luck!

Trish said...

i haven't done this yet either. looks like a good choice for reading. fyi my pastor told me not to get discouraged if you don't finish in a year and to keep going, even if it takes two! :)

Sara said...

This book is my resolution as well. I was so excited to read your post!

I do it every year (read the entire bible), but I had been following a companion and doing three daily readings one from the first portion, second portion and third portions (divide the bible into thirds). I was also interested in the chronological order of biblical events so I ordered the same book in the NIV (it has a green cover) for the new year.

I sent an email to the members of our church explaining what my plan was and 6 other people have joined me! Even after flipping through the table of contents and discovering where in chronological order all of the events actually occurred has surprised me. Even though I read through the bible once a year, I always notice something I didn't the previous year.

It is important to dedicate time each day to God's word and for those of you who may be considering starting something like this I highly recommend this book! There are 365 daily readings and it is approximately 15 minutes each day. We can all spare that!

amy =) said...

my church put out the challenge last year, and i failed miserably. but an app on my phone put out the challenged, and i've signed up for a plan, here's hoping i can stick with it

Anonymous said...

Yes. I picked up my deceased husband's One Year Bible and read it a few years in a row. Keep a highlighter and pen handy to make notes, or keep a journal with it. I still have it and pull it out from time to time and look at some of the highlighted verses and notes. And each year, different verses were highlighted. The Bible is alive and relevant and the Holy Spirit reveals different things to us at different times.

Best wishes and enjoy the adventure!

debi9kids said...

what a great challenge and a great idea.
I have never read it through, just in many sections at a time. I love the idea of "taking it all in" like you're doing though.
good luck!

Jody said...

Very cool! I read through the entire Bible while in the Missionettes program as a young girl. Sadly, I haven't done it since. Last night I sat down with my 1 year Bible reading plan and did my first two readings. God has given me a new hunger for His word this year. Knowing other people are taking this same challenge is encouraging for me. Have fun with it!

Lisa said...

Hi Katie-just downloaded it on my nook last week and so excited to do it as a church. I think reading it in chronological order will be awesome!

Lisa said...

Hi Katie-
I just downloaded it on my nook last week to get ready for the church challenge. I think the chronological order will be awesome! It'll be my first time reading it all the way through.

LJFredricks said...

We are doing this with our small group this year!! I am on day 3 also. Lets keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie!

Thanks for this post. I've started reading the bible several times but have always quit about 1/2 way thru. I just ordered the NIV of it that Sara wrote about. I am so excited for it to arrive! This is a wonderful resolution for the new year!


Anonymous said...

What a great way to start the year--IN THE WORD!!! I have read the Bible in a year for 5 years now. I used different plans. (In fact, 2011 the plan had me read the Psalms and NT 2 times) What a joy! This year I chose the chronological plan also. So, with 3
days into 2012, I will start Job today on the 4th! God Bless.

J Sayers

Alyson said...

Great challenge! I too, have started on a bible in one year reading plan and never made it through! I just bought the one you have on my Kindle! I can't wait to read it in chronological order, and with it being on my kindle and iPhone, I have no excuses to not read each day!!
Thanks for the motivation!!
Alyson (a busy mom in Texas)

Anonymous said...

Oh I have never done that and I so need to. I have a hard time to stay focused:( Allways so much to do. I need to order this. Thanks elma

Still Cross Photography said...

I am working on my 2nd year with my the One Year Bible!! I am determined to read it all, page by page, this year!! What a great idea to get others involved too!!! I'm still on the 3rd...I've got lots to catch up on!!! YIKES!!