Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blogging has taken a back seat here at the lubbers home. Our days and nights have been FULL, full of fun and other day to day duties. So before these things get pushed further and further back I wanted to do a little house blog keeping around here before I totally forget.

A couple questions to address, I'm saving time here by just paraphrasing instead of going back through the comments for the exact wording, Sadler's nap time is ticking away so I gotta be quick!

A few of you wondered about my new iphone case, the brand is Tech Candy, its from a Home and Co, a local shop, downtown. On that same token, my rose gold necklace is from etsy.

Someone wondered why I continue to go to Mayo even though I’m not seriously sick or diseased anymore. Since my transplant in Oct. 2008 I’ve gone back for check-up at 4 months, 1 year, 2 year and just recently at the 4 year mark. They like to keep close tabs on their patients since their transplant outcomes are reflected upon them and their practice. I am also followed by a local doctor in between my trips to Mayo. People go to Mayo for a number of reasons, they have a department for anything from dermatology to obstetrics to allergists, its an amazing place and I HIGHLY recommend them if you or anyone you know is having concerns with their health.

A sweet reader who works in speech therapy wondered about Sadler’s recent thickening change. At this point we were only told to come back to have him retested in 6 months and see if there is any change. In the meantime, all we are doing is thickening all liquids to a honey consistency. The specialist wasn’t sure why he’s doing this but did say he could grow out of it. I’d love to hear your thoughts or any suggestions you may have, if there is anything additional we could be doing, I would love to hear! You can email me at katielubbers @ hotmail dot com

Also thanks for all the sweet comments on my random acts of kindness/birthday post! Posting about it kinda took the randomness about it away, but I wanted to remember this for years to come and give out some ideas for anyone interested in doing it themselves! The ideas are free for the taking!

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Anonymous said...

R u going to the pumpkin festivities in zeeland this weekend? Would love to meet you....