Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, October 15, 2012

Friday night we made last minute plans to do some family pictures, a friend of mine and I decided to trade our amateur photography skills and take pictures for each other! You might be thinking “didn’t they just have pictures taken?”, if so , then you would be correct! We had photos taken for our church directory, and while they did turn out nice, they wouldn’t something I would order and just aren’t ‘us’!

So we ventured out to an old building I found in Zeeland and spent sometime snapping some pictures!


Heidi has an adorable family! I just love this one!

Ours our under lock and key until I decide which one(s) I’m using for Christmas cards, I like it to be a surprise!

But here’s an idea on how Gray handled the photo shoot:



Such a stinker!

After pictures we had dinner at pizza hut and rented October Baby, it was so good! I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good movie to watch!

We had a lazy, and relaxing Saturday morning! We stayed in all day and just vegged.

At night Robb and I went out to dinner to celebrate our Anniversary. The boys had fun playing with Aunt Mindy and Uncle Kyle and the girls!

Sunday was our 7th wedding anniversary, we went to church and Sunday school in the morning. We came home, put the boys down for naps and Robb and I made lunch together.

After lunch I tried on my wedding dress, I was happy to find out it still fits again!


Grayden was still awake so I had to pop into his room to show him, he had a huge smile, his eyes just lit up and said my dress was so pretty! It made me melt, thinking of him looking at his own bride like that someday! Tear!


Later in the afternoon we had MORE pictures taken, this time of the extended Lubbers family. We went to church right afterwards and then had dinner by Robb’s parents!

Hope you all had nice weekends too!

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4 Responses to “ Weekend Wrap-Up ”

Ashley said...

oh nice pictures!! I need to get some of my family done ASAP!

Also your dress is gorgeous! I donated mine a few months ago just didn't have the room!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. How do you get your husband to do all things girlie?

Kate said...

Hmm, I don't know!? Maybe b.c I live with all boys, and he loves me a whole lot! He's the best husband!

Shannon said...

I love that you put on your dress! I wear mine every July (and blog about it too). It is so fun for me to see how my family grows each year!