Monday, January 30, 2012

Family Pictures

We had a family photo shoot this Fall for Sadler’s 6 months pictures and Grayden’s 2.5 year pictures, I wanted to wait until after Christmas to post them since we used one of them for our Christmas card but then I just totally forgot!

Kristen did such a great job, it was a tough task to get two boys to cooperate!

They grow up so fast I’m so thankful to have these precious photos!









seeing these pictures can bring tears to my eyes, for years i had hoped and dreamed that one day our family would look like this and although there is one boy missing from the picture he’s very alive in our hearts! I’m so thankful for answered prayers and God’s perfect design for our family!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sadler Graham, you are 9 months old!

eeek, in 3 months and you’ll be 1!


sadler,  i specifically remember telling you multiple times that you needed to stay my baby forever, but i guess you don’t remember that becasue you, my son, are WALKING!

your quick, tiny steps make me want to cry, they are so cute but you are WAY too little to be doing that:

you still crawl most of the time to get where you need to go but if you’re on your feet, you’re walking!


you also mastered the art of standing alone earlier this month:


you are into everything and are as naughty as they come ;) you have a temper and often have tantrums!

good thing you’re so cute!!


you eat four (6oz) bottles a day and 3 meals, and lots of cheerios, you are a great eater and like everything we give you! you even giggle while we feed you sometimes!


you can drink from you’re sippy cup well, but aren’t such a fan of water yet


you sleep 10ish hours at night and 2-3 naps during the day.

you can climb stairs (and fall down them!)

you are the toughest little boy, only crying out of frustration from being stuck half way on one step and half way on the other when you fell. you must get that from being rough-housed with your brother!

gray loves and adores you and you love and adore him! i hope you’ll always feel that way!


we love you baby boy!

~mommy, daddy and gray

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


we finally had a bit of snow around here, although it didn’t last long, the boys made the best of it!

sadler’s first time in the snow!


gray could hardly stop playing long enough for me to get a good pic!


daddy with sadler’s the first time in the snow:


daddy with gray’s first time in the snow (dec. 2009):



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{favorite things}

for over a year now I've been wanting to throw a ‘favorite things party’ and after weeks of anticipation the day finally arrived on Jan 14!

favorite people, favorite appetizers and desserts and 12 favorite things made for a super fun night!



each of my guests brought 3 of the same of one of their ‘favorite things’ to share with the group, the item had to be under $10 and had to be something you just couldn’t live without!


At the party I drew names to give each girl a chance to choose from the gifts, we did this for 3 rounds until each girl had 3 of someone else’s favorite things!

I was lucky enough to receive a scarf organizer/holder, body spray and new mascara!


we had a blast and i can’t wait to do it again!

Monday, January 23, 2012

poor little pinky

on new years day, while packing our suitcase for our night away at the hotel i was jamming a few extra things in the bag and i heard a snap come from my hand! it sounded like i broke my pinky but it didn’t hurt it was just stuck like this:


i figured if i would have broken it i would have some pain so i went on about the day, and the next few days with it still stuck in that position.

finally on Friday after lots of convincing from my mom, robb and all the girls at my MOPS table i finally went to the doctor. she splinted it up and referred me to a hand surgeon.

that next Monday, i saw dr. wolfe and had an x-ray done which showed that i didn’t break the bone but i did rupture the tendon, so he suggested i wear a splint on it 24/7 for 6 weeks in hopes that scar tissue will form and keep my finger straight again, if that doesn’t work i’ll need surgery on it to put a pin in!


I have 4 weeks to go! here's hoping i don’t surgery at the end of all this! so embarrassing!

Monday, January 16, 2012

new years eve/new years day

we rang in the new year with our friends and robb’s cousins, mike and lisa and scott and stacey. we enjoyed yummy appetizers and dessert, a super fun game, many trips upstairs to put Gray back to bed for the 20th time and lots of laughs!

New Year’s day we went to church, had lunch, took naps and when we woke up we packed our bags (story on that later) and headed to a hotel in GR with the rest of my family to spend some time relaxing and playing in the mini water park there.

We all had a blast and the kids LOVED the kiddie area!





Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Day

We started off the day by going to church,


{can’t stand the cuteness}

then we headed right to my Grandpa and Grandma’s house.





We made a quick stop at home for some short naps for the boys and then at 5 we headed to Robb's Aunt and Uncle’s house.



It was a BUSY day and the boys were cranky but we tried to focus on the joy and remember the entire reason we celebrate in the first place…our Saviors birth!



Well, that finally wraps up the Christmas posts, phew!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Eve

Grayden was invited to spend the afternoon with his Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Alyssa at a petting zoo they had at there church!

He was so excited and we couldn’t wait to hear all about it!





When he came home we started our little family party, we had dinner and then started with the presents


Just like we’ve done in the past, each boy got 3 gifts to open, just like baby Jesus got 3 gifts from the wise men.






Sadler’s gifts:



We ended the night by changing the boys into their new jammies and reading “the night before Christmas”, another tradition.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

back to the Christmas parties

backing up to the Friday before Christmas, the 23rd. We had my MIL’s extended family party.

The party was at the Community Hall which worked out perfect for all the kids to play (and maybe some adults joined the fun;)






The ladies made rings out of ribbon: