Happy 2nd Birthday Sadler!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Can't believe you are two today! 
I have your 2 year old update post coming later, but today I wanted to blog about what we did to celebrate you on your special day!
We met daddy for breakfast at 8:00 before Grayden had school. Breakfast with daddy and a ride in a truck is a tradition we started when Grayden turned one, we've done it ever since, so that's exactly what we did this morning! 
I love it but it's going to only get harder as the boys get older and have school in the mornings. We may have to change the tradition up a little ;)

After dropping Gray off at school, Sadler and I had some errands to do. Every time we pass a McDonald's or Burger King Sadler always asks "fries? please?" While fries weren't option at 10am, I just couldn't deny him of a special treat at McD's on his special day!
I ordered him a smoothie to enjoy while we went to Walmart and ordered the boy's birthday cake, they had just what I wanted for their John Deere party next week!

While in the bakery I spotted some day-old marked down donuts that we bought and brought to daddy's work after picking Gray up from school!

enjoying a donut with grandpa!

We like to celebrate with food I guess ;)

Tonight we're headed for a birthday dinner as a family (so far Steak and Shake is his top choice) and then maybe we'll stop in at the farm supply store to wrap up his fun day!

Happy Birthday, bud! So thankful for this day and the opportunity to celebrate you!

ps. thank you for your prayers and kind words from my post last night. they mean so much to us. 

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3 Responses to “ Happy 2nd Birthday Sadler! ”

Rachel C said...

Enjoy your celebrations!

Victoria said...

Aww, I remember the post of you guys in the hospital first meeting Sadler! Happy Birthday, Sadler!!

Megan Brink said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Sadler! Such an amazing blessing. I absolutely love reading your updates. Your family is beautiful.