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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

making brownies with daddy

Robb and I had a date night a couple weekends ago, we ate at Olive Garden and went to see the movie "42" It was really good! It had been a LONG time since we'd seen in a movie in the theater. We had a great night!

Grayden was so excited to have a visit with his birth dad a couple Saturdays ago. 

We all had a great time at Chuck E. Cheese
 Sadler loved the ticket muncher!

 Gray loves to play tennis, before I threw him a ball he would say "hit me baby!" too funny!

There were lots of our friends at our monthly playgroup last week! so fun!
 snuggle bugs

 Sadler spent a couple days paci free (other than sleeping time) so proud of him. Then he developed a serious diaper rash that left him super cranky, so he's had a little more again lately, but we've been trying to limit it to car rides, church and sleeping. 
I know everyone has their opinions on pacifiers and what age they should be done with them, and that's great, to each their own. I'm fine that he has it during certain times, it's been a lifesaver for him to have something he's comforted by. He'll be done with it by Kindergarten for sure ;)
 Santa Fe Chicken Casserole about to hit the oven! Yum! 
You can find the recipe on our freezer meal blog link on the sidebar.

We took a ride to get ice cream and look at the big tractors last week!

Kale saute, we all loved it and Gray even asked for 'more green stuff'

Last week Thursday we met my friend Jayme and her kids at playworld, such a blast. 
perfect outing on that rainy day. 

Sadler on his BIRTH day, feeling nostalgic 

I shared most of the pictures form his special day on Friday, but here are the ones from that night: 
He chose to eat at Steak and Shake, that boy loves him some fries!

 While we were eating Gray asked me how to spell 'mom' and he wrote it on the back of our bill. how is he old enough for that already?!
After dinner we went to the farm supply store to get see the baby chicks, I totally want some now!

he was wiped out from his fun day!

I spent Saturday shopping with some girl friends, I really liked the white jean jackets I was seeing all over, but I needed a little convincing from my IG friends, really wish I hadn't gotten rid of the one I had in 8th grade!
 Successful trip! 
 On Sunday the boys had a little photo shoot for their 4/2 year pictures. 
Gray was so photogenic

And I wondered if maybe this selfie shot Sadler took of himself would be the best photo taken of him all day, but I saw a little sneak peak and I was wrong, the photographer got some super cute ones of him too!

We had beautiful weather here yesterday, we played outside and soaked it all in!

 First family bike ride of the year!
 Grayden was the special helper in his class today, Robb took the day off so he could go along as the parent helper! Gray was so excited!
I've worn the white jean jacket twice this week already, it was definitely a good purchase!

I took Sadler to his 2 year check up this morning while Gray was in school, he is a healthy boy! So thankful!

phew, sorry for the picture overload, I hate to get so far behind on theses, but love to have our everyday adventures journaled here.
best moments of the week:
~being able to visit with my aunt a couple times last week
~ Gray leaned over to me at dinner time one day last week and said "thank you for the food mommy, I really appreciate it" :)
~ Sadler going paci free a few days
~Celebrating Sadler's 2nd birthday
~ Spending time with friends 

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11 Responses to “ Insta Catch Up ”

Victoria said...

Loved the picture overload! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Can you share where you purchased the super cute white jacket?! It looks great on you! Also, my son is 2 1/2 and still has his paci at night. I have heard a lot of opinions on it, but I agree with you, to each their own. It has helped us a lot during rough times - and sometimes as moms we gotta do what we gotta do!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Exactly! Gray had his only in bed until just shy of three!
There are two different jackets pictured, the one I tried on in the store is from vanity, it was a little distressed looking and on sale for $35 then I found one at sears of all places for half that and very similar looking but without the rips, so that's the one I bought and have on in the second picture!

Anonymous said...

Well - it looks great on you! Every child is so different. I have friends whose kids never needed it, or gave it up in their own so easily and/or early on. But some toddlers just need it a bit longer. It sounds like you are doing JUST fine by slowly starting to limit it. You are a fabulous mom, and you know your children better than anyone else. :)

Rachel C said...

You guys are the cutest - love the white jacket too!
I know there are privacy issues, but I was wondering if you could share more about how you deal with the relationship with your sons' birth parents.

Beth said...

I remember how smug I was before I had a kid who took a paci (or nuk, as we called it). I always gave the side-eye to kids that were over 1 or so that still had a paci, until I had a little man OBSESSED with his (as in, one in the mouth, one in each hand at night). Then I wasn't so smug and was all about what made my little guy happy! He weaned himself at 2 years, 2 months, when we had to buy him new nuks and accidentally bought the wrong size - he refused them! I miss those sweet chubby cheeks and nuks, oddly enough. I say enjoy the sweetness while you can! :)

kelli.jean said...

Your boys are so sweet!
That Sante Fe Chicken recipe looks SO good! Do you have the recipe posted somewhere or can you share the link/recipe with us? I would LOVE to try it!
Thanks for sharing your adorable family!

Anonymous said...

Each kid is different and unique. My 4 and a half year old kid rarely sleeps in his bed but prefers to sleep on a mattress that is directly on the floor yet go to a hotel and he sleeps in the bed - go figure. I even spent 300 on a Thomas the Train Toddler bed 2 years ago and he won't sleep on it yet loves Thomas (the bed is practically new). So, don't push it - the kids will do what feels right for them and as long it is not hurting them not a big deal. Writing at 4 is not too uncommon but it is a good thing...sounds like you have him in a good preschool. My kid is in prek3 due to his b-day being in Oct but will be in prek4 in the fall. He has been reading since 2 and a half when he wants to do so (sometimes he refuses - stubborn streak). Kids learn quick and if they enjoy something so focus on those strengths.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Enjoy! My family loves this!

Anonymous said...

Very random - but would you be willing to share how you do your hair with the side pony?! It always looks amAZING!! Do you put it up with straight hair or curl it first? I would love to try it (with some tips!)

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

They just grow up so fast, crazy!!