Camping {Dutch Treat} June 13-16

Thursday, June 20, 2013

We had a great time on our first camping trip in our {new to us} camper at Dutch Treat, in the big town of Zeeland ;) .
We went with a group of our friends from church and made lots of memories. 

our home for the weekend

Friday morning breakfast, cinnamon rolls baked in orange peel halves on the grill...sinfully good!

The pool was a HUGE it with both the boys, despite the chilly water. 

Grayden put his swimming lessons to great use!

More yummy food!

We took a bike ride to feed the ducks at Timber Town, Gray rode his bike the whole way there and back! I don't think he's ridden his bike that much in the total time he's owned it!

Hill-billy golfing with the guys

wouldn't be camping without nightly bonfires!
All the guys made us a delicious breakfast Saturday morning. 

watching a movie while the light rain passed. 

Happy Father's day!

Soccer with Uncle Kyle, the kids had fun playing keep-away!


The whole gang of kids! 12 kids ranging in age from 4-10 months

The boys slept in the same bunk, for whatever reason it just worked best that way!

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6 Responses to “ Camping {Dutch Treat} June 13-16 ”

lklomicka said...

We are going camping next weekend and i love the cinnamon roll idea! Where did you see it? What are the directions?

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

I saw it on Pinterest.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Opps, wasn't done! We used cinnamon rolls from the tube/can and grilled on med/low until no longer doughy
So moist and yummy!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get Sadler's suit? So cute!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

His swim shorts are old navy and the life vest thing i found at a garage sale!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the cinnamon rolls grilled in orange peels! Brilliant!! Love your blog and you have such a beautiful family. :)