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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

love these two!

 fun afternoon at the park with my sisters and nieces

pacey poutin'

family date night downtown

the boys decided to sleep in the tent in the backyard one night, they made it till 3am when it started raining! They thought it was so fun!

Grayden spent his entire rest time (2.5 hours) coloring in his new giant coloring book, I thought for sure he had fallen asleep but when I went to check on him it was the only toy he had out and the entire book was full of his masterpieces! Busy boy!

For awhile we've been noticing a lot of sticks in the paper box underneath our mail box, Robb went to clean it out one night and pulled out a little bird's nest at the end of them. Now every time we drive in or out of the driveway we see the little mama bird fly out! 

I'll give you two guesses who's responsible for this, here's a hint, it wasn't an animal!

The boys were talking all day about a deer they kept spotting outside on the lawn, I thought they were just playing around until I finally took a look, and sure enough, this little guy hung out on our yard all day! 

Gray got to go on a special date with Grandma and Grandpa one night last week, they went to Lowe's, he loves those Jimmie Johnson carts, and out for frozen yogurt! He had such a fun time!

Love those piggy toes peeking out of the bar stool.

Grayden has been asking to go to Dutch Village in our town every time we drive by, I took advantage of a Groupon deal and we went this past Saturday. 

 Watching the dutch dancers

look what the stork brought me!

fun on the carousel 

Sunday night I had to work in the nursery at church, the boys were waiting for me on the front porch when I got home and we sat out and watched the rainstorm come in!

Speedo (actually a reusable swim diaper) baby loves the water! 

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4 Responses to “ Insta Catch-Up ”

Alyssa said...

You have such a beautiful family!!

~Dawn~ said...

Excellent pics! :) I love that your hubby spent the night with the boys under a tent in the back yard.....SO FUN!

Elma said...

What wonderful pictures :) Lots of fun!!!

Momma Bird said...

LOVE the reusable swim diaper. I cloth diaper and therefore use reusable wipes, swim diapers, diapers, etc. They really are so much easier than people think and save so much money! If you want more I LOVE the Bummies Swim velcros and ties for easy on off...