Grayden goes to KINDERGARTEN!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The boy who made me a momma started Kindergarten on Tuesday!
 He is in a transitional program where parents get to chose their child's schedule, we have him going full days on Wednesdays and half days the rest of the week to start, and will gradually increase to get him ready for first grade next year! He is loving it so far!

On the ride into school Tuesday morning he said me 'what if you miss me and cry? I don't want you to cry!" Melt my heart. I didn't cry, but I did miss him and my heart ached a little to realize how fast he's grown up and how much time I have to spend away from him. 

When I picked him up at noon he ran and hugged me and asked "did you cry?" before I had the chance to ask him how his day was! When I did get that chance he said it was "very fun" and "I wish I could stay for lunch like some of my friends." He also said he has a girlfriend and is going to marry her. Be still my heart.

Grayden, we are so proud of you! The school theme this year is "shout silently~actions that speak." It is our prayer for you that you shine for Jesus and show others, by your words and actions, that you belong to Him! 
Have a great year buddy! 
(Ok. Now I'm crying. And have hives. ;)

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4 Responses to “ Grayden goes to KINDERGARTEN!! ”

Victoria said...

Oh my, kindergarten! Time flies! I've been following your blog since you brought Grayden home. He is a big boy now. You've done good, mama!

Renae said...

Yay, Kindergarten!! My little one had her first week of Kindergarten this week. Love that where you live lets you choose their schedule.

Rachel C said...

My son started K too. Happy that's he's doing so well, but it is still sad for the moms!

jessica said...

That is so nice they let you choose how many days! My little girl starts Wednesday and it's 8 hours a day/5 days a week! It will be a nice break but will miss her soooo much!