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Friday, August 1, 2014

Its been 3 weeks since I updated my insta.gram pictures, feels like just a few days ago!

look at those chubby leggies!

my super adorable friends Emily and Anne came over a few weeks ago to make freezer dinners to have on hand before their baby boys arrive!

he must have still been hungry ;)

little baby turkey that flew away when we drove by. love living in the country

holding a baby and putting dishes away, love him!

yummy salmon burger recipe we tried one night for dinner

boys love homemade milkshakes!

donuts after being so sweet when I had bloodwork done!

make shift splash pad!

sweetie pie!

Grayden had VBS every weds night in July, Sadler was so bummed he couldn't go yet so Aunt Lisa did her own VBS for him and Makenna!

I REALLY like this coffee!

farmers market shoppers

she looks huge in my arms :(

babyfood making round 1, banana, blueberry, kale. 

waiting to see the dr for a kidney check up

i couldnt wait to put these prints up in my salon of my babies!

the mattress has been lowered!

little girls love their daddies!! it's so precious!

wanna trade?

family night at the WhiteCaps game!

he gave me the bag of cotton candy and said, "here mom, this will make me naughty!" 
love him!

what a sweet sight to wake up to, Jovie had one in her room too!

Little Explorers Labratory at the library. 

the barely stepped foot in the fountains when we went there one afternoon.

sister did not like her sippy cup! she has a major temper when it comes to food!

pool day!

its so hard to not scoop her up and snuggle her when she sleeps! 

backpack shopping with Sadler! He surprised me by picking out a plain boring blue one, but I'm not complaining :)

downtown at the street performers last week. 

so fun!

flying down the slides at the play area in the mall last week

lovin his costco pizza

pretty girl loves her food!

my big helper picking up our produce share

Robb and I celebrated 13 years since our first date last week, we went out on a date and took his truck, I sat in the middle seat just like old times :)

starbucks at Target, dinner at OBI, a walk along the pier at the beach and hot fudge cake for dessert! Pretty perfect!

Allegan Antique Fair, I had to remind the boys several times to look with their eyes only :)

Feeding the goats at the Critter barn on Monday

this pic is a really good representation of our trip to the critter barn. Gray is loving it, totally hands on, and Sadler looks on from a distance in sheer panic. 

Sadler snaps a pic while I'm packing up the van for our week at the cottage.

tiny feet!

a little back yard golf!

zonked out on our family bike ride

everyone having fun at the park!

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2 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Ashley said...

Such a beautiful family you have here! I love all the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Just did you make your kale baby food?