2014 {Year in Review}

Thursday, January 1, 2015


I host my favorite things party

Robb turns 30


Brenham celebrates 6 years in Heaven 


Jovie is baptized

We go to Indy with my family for a truck show

I have some health issues, have a kidney biopsy done. Kideny is still working great!

 We have a blast on a Disney cruise


I have my gallbladder removed

Sadler turns 3


Boys have a race car birthday party


We spend a few days in Key West for a work trip with my family.

 Grayden turns 5!

 Mother's Day with my 3 babies

We walk in the Great Strides walk as a family to raise money for cystic fibrosis and support our little friend, Elliot

 Grayden graduates Preschool

Memorial day weekend at the cottage

Jovie turns 6 months old and has some photos taken with her adoring brothers

Gray learns to ride without training wheels!

We take our first camping trip of the Summer to Cran Hill with a group from church

Father's Day!

Camping for a week at Hungry Horse!


Fourth of July fireworks

Camping trip to Traverse City

cottage week with IG friends


camping week at TriPonds 

 Hudsonville Fair

Visit Holland State park for a day

Grayden starts Kindergarten 

Sadler rides without training wheels

Amazing Race with the Flokstras  

Watch the Whitecaps 


Labor Day Truck Parade

 K&R celebrates 25 years in business

I start a new Bible Study

Sadler starts 3-school 

I turn 29

 We pick apples and make applesauce 


We celebrate 9 years of marriage

 Robb and I have our first annual Lubbers Hungry Games cooking competition 

 Halloween with our Kratt Brothers and little Owl 

Spend an afternoon at Post Family Farms


Robb and I spend a few days in Punta Cana for a trip he won through work 

 We get tons of snow and have the 1st and 2nd snow days of the year.


We welcome a new niece, Ella


Jovie turns 1!

She has a Winter Wonderland party. 

The boys preform in the Christmas program at church 


We ring in the New Year with cousins

Thank you, Lord for blessing us so richly in 2014.

I thank you for keeping our family safe, I praise you for our health, and for restoring our bodies when we’ve been sick. Thank you for our jobs and for providing all that we need, and more. Thank you for the awesome opportunities we’ve had to travel and see the beauty you’ve created around us. Thank you for our children and blessing us with them.
Thank you for our marriage and for giving us 9 wonderful years together. Thank you for all the fun times we’ve spent this past year with friends and family and for the blessings they are in our lives. 
Lord, I pray for your protection over our family in 2015, and for continued health and happiness. We ask you to guide us in the year to come seek your will for our lives. We look forward to what your plan holds for us in the coming year. We know whatever comes our way, you will be there through it all. Help us to live our lives in a way that may please you in the year to come.

Happy New Year!!

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