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Friday, March 13, 2015

some days are rough with this high energy boy, so we do whatever it takes to keep the peace on occasion. 

it hits me at least once a day what a miracle she is. I still can't believe I have 3 babies!

beautiful sunrise the morning of Brenham's birthday 

donuts to celebrate B's birthday

no balloon launch at the cemetery this year…just TOO.MUCH.SNOW!

snowy walk on the beach

fun sunday afternoon at my sister in laws baby shower. 

so proud of a great report at Grayden's conferences. 

out to lunch with my three musketeers 

she's such a little momma!

Another great conference for Sadler! SO impressed with how well he's doing at school. 

beach day at 3-school!

babies and mirrors are just too fun

fun morning at Engendi church play place

celebrating surviving another week with daddy being out of town 

perfect place for her while mommy purges the playroom 

chunky monkey's boots won't zip over her calves :)


ankle booties for the win!

Sadler has gone through 9, yes NINE pairs of jeans this fall/winter! Not due to a growth spurt, but from putting holes in the knees!

After Robb being gone so much the past couple weeks we had a much needed morning date, we went out for breakfast at The Biscuit. Couldn't do life without him!

So yummy!

watching everyone through the window!

sledding by grandpa and grandma's house

so fun!

super sledding boy

we forget about his homework every weekend until Sunday night! 

this girl is a magnet to Ella's baby seats! 

bright and cheery outfit on a bright sunny day!

I'll admit, I was going to wait for daddy to come home so he could change her dirty diaper, but I just couldn't say no to this face! :)

character dress up day in Kindergarten, cutest Clark the Shark!

out without a coat! Spring is finally here!

this sweet boy met his birth mom this past week! It was a big day for him!

So thankful to his birth mom and for the courageous choice she made for me to be his mommy. 

You know its been awhile since I spent some time with this beast when not only does my heart rate monitor have a dead battery, but I also can't find the key to turn the treadmill on! And let's not forget the  dead giveaway that my jeans are so tight they actually hurt! 

another love note I found in his folder. eek! 

Deere-ly loved…see what I did there? ;)

15 months old today, how can that be!?

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2 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Victoria said...

Fun pics! Thanks for sharing and how great that Sadler got to meet his Birth mom :)

France said...

Awesome pictures, as always! You have a beautiful family! Yes, great for Sadler to meet his birth mom...and I love her little mint green tootsies! ;)