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Friday, March 27, 2015

{Be sure to check the post below, the winner of the Freshly Picked giveaway was announced!}

a friday afternoon fro-yo treat after school on a beautiful day!
after fro-you I dropped the kids off by Grandma and Grandpa L and went home to load up the van for the mom2mom sale the next day!

the van was filled to the brim!

the sale was a big success!

celebrating baby boy lubbers at Alyssa's shower Saturday afternoon. 

Sunday lunch was finger licking good! 

pretty in polkadots 

exploring the old airplane runway on the vacant lot across the street

melt my heart

spring in Michigan is such a tease, I wish the warm temps would stick around!

where he chose to fold his laundry! ;)

fun night at BAM, raising money for Cystic Fibrosis with our buddy Elliot
cute bowling buddies 

poor girl wasn't happy about her shot at her 15th month check up, but we are very happy to have a big, healthy girl, 24lbs 2oz (75th%ile)

enjoying a donut after Jovie's appt!

a sweet old grandma made me all teary eyed at the donut shop when she came up to tell me how precious these kids are, and to enjoy this time. Such a good reminder!

It was my lucky day on St. Patty's Day, I won a spot at a cooking demo! 

WACKY Wednesday!

I brought 2 different shoes along to school for Sadler to change into out of his boots. opps. mom fail! 
visit #4 bajillion is probably pretty accurate for this uti hypochondriac, but this time I really do have one. 

 do you ever have days when it feels like you are just going through the motions, not intending for God to show up and speak to you? But He always meets us here. Always. Stay in the Word. Seek Him. Even when you are not "feeling it"

I showed up early (I have a habit of that) to Gray's school to surprise him as the Mystery Reader and who do I see standing right in the middle of the hallway when I walk in!? Grayden! Not the surprise I was expecting, but he still was surprised to see me! 

finally taking the Christmas lights down, but don't worry, they haven't been lit since January!

she was quite upset that she couldn't eat that donut on her shirt! :)

Girls overnighter at the cottage! So fun!

Quick family bike ride down the lane on a chilly Sunday night!

daisy dukes 

these eggs weren't quite as good as the Cadburry eggs I had the day before, but we leave for Florida in less than a month, and if I want my Summer clothes to fit I better switch to these!

the hour it took for this Sweet & Spicy Pumpkin Chili by Wildtree to simmer was torture, it smelled so good!

Sadler looking ever so adorable in his patched monster jeans my friend Val made before his field trip to the library on Wednesday. 

We wrapped up our Wednesday night church program this week, I sure am going to miss not having to plan dinner once a week. 

Enjoying a little quiet, cozy time reading Love Letters from God in our comfies/pjs after pj day at school. We decided to all join in on the occasion. :)

picking out just the right pair of shades!

digging in!

finding treasures in grandville with Grandma while daddy, grandpa and uncle kyle are out of town, again. 

washing windows when I should be cleaning up our disaster of a house, but its just not worth it!

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